A Returnee Classmate, Number One On The List Of People I Want To Kill, Became My Wife: Chapter 4 – Sports Festival, The Brighter And Brighter Shining Future Of Them


Ooh, beautiful, gem-desu”

Layla’s joyful voice echoed throughout the rooftop during lunch break. On her lap was a tupperware with the lid open. It was Kageo’s homemade lunch.


Kageo showed an embarrassed smile. Although it was homemade, he only made the rolled egg, and the rest was frozen food. Even though it was a man’s cooking with no thought to the colorfulness or anything, he was happy that she received it happily.

“Correction-desu. Eating gem impossible-desu. Your lunch I can eat-desu. Kageo, amazing-desu”

Layla deftly moved her chopsticks, and broke into a smile as she ate the fried chicken.

“Friiieed chicken, delicious-desu!!”

“You know, that was frozen. There’s this thing called ‘lunch box side dishes,’ it was a very exceptional item that when you put it into the box as is, it will be defrosted by the time you eat it”

Great. Japan amazing-desu. America, fried chicken is big. Not small fried food-desu”

“Somehow I can tell. …And the way you use chopsticks, it’s good, isn’t it?”

“Mom is Japanese. Oden1, curry, bibimpap2, meat potatoes stew, gratin, she cooks Japanese cooking-desu”

“I guess so. Curry, bibimbap, and gratin are all Japanese dishes, huh. Yep”

The tip of the chopsticks used by Layla picked up the rolled egg.

Startled, “Because it’s not dirty,” he accidentally whispered to himself.

Once, when he was walking down a corridor and a girl and he touched sleeves, she made a blatant, seemingly disgusted gesture.

‘You’re gross, so don’t get close to me. I’ll get dirty

Words like “gross” and “dirty” were destructive. It continued to stick in the depths of his chest indefinitely, making Kageo cowardly.

“Yes-desu? …Salt-ish rolled egg, delicious-desu”

Layla was smiling innocently.

Indeed. Layla wouldn’t think of Kageo as dirty. They were in a relationship where they would kiss and she would even give him a blowjob after all.

Watching Layla eating so deliciously, the pain of being called gross was fading away. He began to no longer speak ill of others as he ranked the people he wanted to kill in his mind.

“Kageo, not eating-desu? No time-desu”

“Ah, yeah, you’re right”

He was so fascinated by the sight of layla eating so deliciously that his chopsticks didn’t move at all.

Even though it had the average flavor characteristic of ready-made products, the frozen croquette was delicious. The rice, rolled eggs, as well as the pickled dried plum were all delicious.

It might be that he could taste it especially tasty because he was with Layla.

At school lunch break, of course, he had always been eating alone. He had no parents, and his aunt would only treat him occasionally, so eating together with someone in itself was rare for him.

Eating lunch alone was comfortable, but it was dull.

“Delicious is happiness-desu”

How philosophical, he thought, but Kageo didn’t say it. When he conversed with Layla, he needed to talk in an easy to understand way.

“Yep. You’re right. It’s happiness”

I wish this kind of everyday would continue forever. Just eating lunch together makes me warm and fluffy.

“I want date-desu. Kageo busy, I’m, lonely”

It was just before the sports festival, and the executive committee members were getting very busy. He could hardly practice for the three-legged race. Spending lunch break together was the only date they got.

“After the sports festival is over, okay?”

Pom pom, Kageo patted her head. He felt a shiver after doing it. She was just so cute I ended up patting her head, but with Layla’s personality, wouldn’t she lose her temper? And she especially hates having her hair touched.


“Sorry is wrong-desu. I have otome game-desu. Lovers, patting patting pom pom, doing it-desu. Feels good-desu”

When he continued the patting patting pom pom, Layla closed her eyes, looking comfortable.

A peaceful time flew by.

The school ground during the sports festival was bustling, unlike the usual. Cheers, J-pop, and girls in their white gym uniform were all radiating beautifully.

However, the committee members were hectic. They were moving all over the school grounds, managing the progression of the event, music, broadcasting, trash collection, and even mediating problems.

Kageo was inside a tent, wearing the armband of an executive committee member. As he was checking the event schedule with the other members, he heard Kurotaki’s voice.

“Ah. Yorusaki is here. Let’s go, Layla. You’re gonna give him the bottle, right?”


Kurotaki ran over, leading Layla by the hand.

Layla in gym uniform was dazzling. Her chest was bulging up nicely, and the words “2-3 Sudou” were sticking out forward showily.

The thighs growing out of her short pants were dazzling.

“For you-desu”

He was offered a plastic bottle of isotonic drink that was frozen to a tee.

“Uwah. It’s crazy cold. Thanks, that helps”

“Yorusaki, haven’t you lost weight?”

He was baffled when Kurotaki said it.

My weight is the same, and even the fit feeling of my gym uniform doesn’t change.

“You think so?”

“You did lose weight! Now you look cool”

“Kageo, handsome-desu! So cool-desu. Lover-desu”

I’m flattered but it’s embarrassing. His face blushed.

“Borrowing Crossing: New Horizons,’ is gonna be after the next,” Kageo said, “I think you should go to the standby place.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Layla, this way”

Kurotaki, who had been acting like a pet owner towards her pet, had changed the relationship between them just a bit, becoming more like a caring older sister.


“Good luck!”

“Yes. I’ll do my best-desu”

As he was watching Lalya’s back as she ran off, “Yorusaki, you sure have lost some weight,” fellow committee member said.

“Yep. Your posture somehow got better, too. It’s like you’re getting taller… Even though you were hunchier before”

That was surely because Layla gave him confidence. It made him unconsciously straighten his back, which probably made him look slimmer.

He was happy being told he looked cool or that he had slimmed down, but he felt somewhat embarrassed.

“If you get a haircut, I’m sure you’ll look cooler, though”

“Layla loves me, so it’s fine keeping it like this”

“Ooh, you said it~”

As he was feeling embarrassed from being teased, Layla took a piece of folded paper, and ran towards him.

“Kageo, come-desu”

Without knowing what was happening, he left the organizer tent and ran hand in hand with Layla.

“There’s a couple running. And there’s a girl running with a book. The book the girl from class three holding is a thick one”

The broadcaster’s commentary echoed, and applause and cheers overlapped. Hyuu hyuu, there were also men whistling.

“The theme for ‘Borrowing Crossing: New Horizons’ this time is ‘Something You Like, Someone You Like’”

“Woow!,” and applause also echoed.

“Is that ‘Something You Like’?”

“I like reading, so I brought along the book I’ve been reading”

“All right. It’s a-OK”

“I like sweets. I want to be a patissier in the future”

When she was making a stirring-like movement with a whisk, everyone went, “Woow!,” and applauded.

“Layla Sudou, Kageo, Lovers!!”

Layla shouted to the mic while being out of breath.

“It’s a-OK. You got third place”

Cheers and applause echoed.

“Holllyy! So lovey-dovey!”

He felt proud but embarrassed. However, he felt chilly at the same time. I wonder if I’ll be splashed with water and laughed at. The movie “Carrie” was doused in pig’s blood.3

He braced himself, but everyone’s applause was warm.

“The couple over there, this is not an olympic winning run, so please hurry to the goal~. You’re slowing things down”

At the broadcaster’s calm and collected quip, the lovebirds, who were expanding their own little world, looked at each other while running leisurely and holding hands, and came to the goal in succession.

Laughing voices and applause echoed.


Everyone laughed. Kageo was also laughing.

“Those who have entered ‘Dual Battle’, please come to the standby place”

The broadcaster’s voice resounded.

“Lalya, let’s go”

“‘Dual Baattle’?”

“It’s the three-legged race”

“I, don’t understand Japanese”

I wonder if it’s gonna be okay with little practice. As he waited in nervousness, their turn came up in no time.

Most of them were between girls and between guys, but there were also couples between a guy and a girl.

“Ah, so next to us is Layla. We’re gonna win!”

It seemed that it was well known that Layla wasn’t athletic.

“We won’t lose-aruyoo!,” Layla said like a mysterious Chinese person.

Kageo only smiled wryly.

He tied their ankles with her scarf, and then stood by with hand on her shoulders. Layla’s hand was going around Kageo’s back.

The students running in front of them were all different, some falling down all the time, and some running through with great speed.

“Get into position, ready”

Bang, the sound of a pistol echoed.

“One two, one two”

They ran together in the three-legged race amidst the applause and cheers.

Layla’s hair touched his cheek. The body heat that came from the touching places and the bittersweet body odor made his heart race.


The students running ahead were falling down. As they ran past them, his field of vision opened up.

The finish line was coming close.

Huh? Are we, first place? We hadn’t been practicing that much, though.

No good. Gotta focus! Must not let up!

“One two, one two”

He concentrated on keeping in rhythm with Layla. The BGM was Sabre Dance. He moved his feets in thryhm along with the music.

This is bad.

The binding on their legs was coming loose. Their feets were making a rustling sound. It seemed he had tied it too loosely.

“Legs-desu,” Layla said, but Kageo kept trying to match the rhythm.

“One two, one two”

Just a bit more, please hold on.

He moved his legs in prayer.

The moment they ran into the finish line, the binding came undone and they fell down magnificently.


On top of Kageo who fell flat facing down, Layla mounted on top like a vaulting box.

“First place! Congratulations!”

“Thank you-desu”

Kageo was lying face down on the ground, enveloped by applause and cheers.

Heavy. Please move aside quicklyyy

The end of the festival was somewhat sad.

Kageo was leaning against the wall of the gymnasium, drinking the isotonic drink that had turned lukewarm. It was the drink he got from Layla, but he had been so busy and couldn’t drink it, and here he was now. He wiped the sweat with the towel hanging on his neck.

The school ground, which was covered with shouts of joy, laughter, and cheering voices until earlier, was now showing a bleak scene, illuminated by the Fall evening sun.

When he threw the bottle into the trash can after drinking it all up, Layla came running up to him waving her hand.


She was still in gym uniform. Even though she wasn’t part of the committee, she stayed until the end to clean up. She had a student bag hanging on her arm.

“Equipment storeroom, key, staff room, will return-desu. The end-desu. Going home-desu”

“You’re still in gym uniform, you know”

Layla made a face that seemed to say, “Huh?”

“Going changing-desu”


Kageo led her by the hand towards the back of the gymnasium, and hugged Layla.

“Thank you for today. It was fun”


Just like Layla said, it sure sounds like a farewell line, huh.

“No, well, It’s not a farewell. Like for an event like this, gloomy people have no place in it. It’s one of those times when you’re either too busy after being shoved to be the committee member, or you’re just waiting for time to pass while feeling bored, but I had great fun today. It’s my first time having fun at a sports festival. That’s why, thank you for giving me a fun time”

Even though I talked to her about it a lot like this, Layla wouldn’t understand it. But, I said it.

“Kageo, sports festival, mastermind, whoosh quick. That’s why everyone fun”

“It’s not mastermind, it’s called stagehand or background supporter”

“‘Stagehand’? ‘Background’?”

“Background, supporter”

“‘Stagehand,’ background supporter, Kageo great! I fun. Everyone fun. Glad-desu. Kageo quick, effort, work hard-desu. Tha, tha? Thanks Kageo!”

Kageo felt a tinge when Layla told him that everyone had fun thanks to Kageo’s effort.

He felt like crying, and kissed on her pink lips to gloss it over.

Her blue eyes were filled with a tinge of warmth as she looked at Kageo. Layla took out a key from her short pants’ pocket and held it at eye level, having it swaying to and fro as if it was a hypnotic hand.

“Equipment storeroom-desu”


While keeping their heads low like a ninja, they entered the gymnasium sneakingly, and then sneaked into the equipment storeroom. They couldn’t see anything for a moment as they had gone from a bright place into a dark place. Baskets filled with volleyballs, mats, vaulting boxes, and folded ping-pong tables were lined up in messy fashion.

“Nnfufufu. What to do-desu? Say your hope-aruyoo”

While humming, Layla lifted up her gym uniform in one go.

He was charmed by the pure white breasts which the lower half were concealed by her bra. I can’t imagine how good it would feel to be wrapped up by those softly rising marshmallow breasts.

“I want a boobjob”paizuri

“‘Jobboob’?zuripai Apple pie? ‘job’zuri what-desu?”

“It’s putting a cock between your breasts and rub it”

“? Feels good-desu?”

Layla put her hands on her breasts and tilted her head.

“I’ve never it done to me before so I don’t know”

Why you so serious!?, he retorted himself inside himself.

 “I thought it must feel good to be wrapped by your boobs, Layla. Since it’s soft and warm”

“Boobs, boobjob. Rubbing-desu?”

“That’s right”

“I will-aruyoo”

“That ‘aruyoo,’ who taught you it?”

“Isozaki-san. Elegant Japanese-aruyo-desu”

“I think it’s more elegant not saying ‘aruyoo’”

Layla opened her eyes wide, and shook her head from side to side. It seemed she noticed that Isozaki had been playing around with her. There was a “!” on her face.

“I’m, not parrot-desu!!”

She seemed to be angry, and her eyes were turning as sharp as icicles. Her constantly changing expression was cute.

“Yeah, I know”

Her slender fingers felt around the cleavage, and undid the front hook.

The cups of the bra split from the middle to the sides, boing, and the slime boobs jumped out and jiggled. Even though it was that voluminous, it was pointing upwards, defying gravity.

Layla frowned as she tried to kneel down.

“Please lay this down”

Kageo handed the towel that had been hanging on his neck. He was sorry to have her kneel down on the dusty floor.


Layla briefly stood up, and then went down on her knees after laying the towel on the floor.

Kageo unzipped his pants and took out his penis.

Layla’s slender fingers twirled around it in its half-boner state.

“Umm, it’s embarrassing when it’s seen, though”

“Mouth-desu. Make dots. Eyes-desu. Face-desu”

She was saying that since the urethral opening looked like a mouth, if you wrote dots on it, it would be the eyes, and it would make a face.

“Don’t do it, pleeaase”

“Fufu,” Layla laughed.

Her fingers were squeezing on the cock, poking the urethral opening with the bottom of her thumb, and then his penis was growing bigger.

“Fufu. Cheese-desu”

“Eh? Wh-what? Ah, ahh, I see”

Layla was saying that the pre-cum that was stretching like a thread looked like cheese.

“I want you to give me boobjob soon”

It wouldn’t be long until it was time to leave school. Kageo was getting antsy.


Layla slender hands lifted her breasts up from the bottom, and sandwiched his cock with it.

In the gymnasium storeroom, her gym uniform lifted up until around her collarbone. The front hook of her bra was unhooked, and the cups moved to the sides.

Glop, her bulging, soft and full slime breasts engulfed his cock. Smooth, warm, and soft. He was absorbed by the body temperature transmitted to him.

There was neither the feeling of being sucked during blowjob, nor the bumpy feelings of vaginal folds. And yet, the warm and tender feeling was pleasant. He was entranced by the warmth of the skin.

“Fhuu,” he let out a sigh like he was submerging in the bath.

Layla looked at him with upturned eyes.

“Feels good-desu?”

The reason she bothered to ask was because he seemed to be truly feeling good.

Since boobs were smooth, regular sex should’ve been better.

“Yeah, it feels good. Please rub it”


Putting strength into her hands that were squeezing her breasts inward, squeeze squeeze, she rubbed it.

“Uuwwh. …Sooo good!!”

His penis increased its volume and was throbbing.

The feeling of his penis scorching hot like a steel, and his pubes poking her underboobs was irresistible. By rubbing her breasts herself, she seemed to find the feel of his penis even more pleasant.

Me too. Ah, nn, nnn, feels, good-desu”

“Haah, haah,” Layla’s breath grew rougher.

She wondered just what kind of feeling it was to feel good with his pubes. Pubic hair was just unpleasant. When she gave him a blowjob, her nostril got tickled making her almost sneeze. And yet, even the pubes felt good when giving boobjob.

She rubbed her boobs with her own fingers, squeezing it, and a sweet painful-like throbbing spread within her chest. When she pinched her nipples that had become hard and stiff with her index and middle fingers, the pleasure increased even more.

“Nn, nn, hahh haahh…”

Her body was hot. It was because the heat transmitted from his penis.

Kageo began to pat her head.

It made her feel good and all fluff.

“That’s good. It feels sooo good. It’s like entering a bath…”

She was happy that he was enjoying it. Wanting to make him feel even better, she rubbed her breasts with even more strength. Not only her breasts, even her womb began to tingle.

Her love juice oozed out, and made the inside of her panties wet.


The smell, changed?

Kageo had perceptively noticed that Layla’s body odor had changed. It was a bittersweet smell that reminded him of ricotta cheese cake. It was the smell of getting horny.

“Hahh, haahhh, nnn… Haahhh”

Between her slender fingers were her reddened twitching stiffened nipples.

Layla’s corner of her eyes was red, and she was rubbing her own breasts while gasping with her mouth partly open. Her white skin was flushed, and was covered with drops of sweat.

How sexy.

It was a wonder that he found her expression sexy despite him looking even the inside of her labia.

Wanting to see her aroused face even more, he stopped pom-pomming her head. Layla then made a dissatisfied-looking face and stood up.

His penis escaped the retraints of her bobbs, and rocked back and forth.

Her blue eyes were sternly staring at Kageo.

“Do pom pom-desu!”

Kageo hugged Layla’s head, and pom-pommed it. It was easier to give a hug than to pom-pom her head during boobjob.

“Fuuuhh,” Layla sighed satisfiedly.

“I love you”

“Me too-desu…”

Layla was nuzzling her head against him affectionately.

When he wrapped his hand around her back and rubbed her butt, “Hahh haahhh,” Layla’s breath got rougher.

He lifted up the elastic band of her panties, and slipped his fingers inside her crotch.

Klish klish, she was already soaking wet.

“Ahh, aahh…”

“Eh? Already?”

He thought that it was too quick, but Layla had been rubbing her own breasts earlier during the boobjob. It might feel like masturbating, but Kageo was happy when thinking that his cock aroused her.

“I, don’t understand Japanese!”

Layla broke the hugging and turned her face to the side, pouting.

It was too embarrassing to feel good with patting patting pom pom during the boobjob, and have that place of hers become soeaking wet. Her bashfulness was replaced by anger.

However, he just smiled teasingly.

“So cute…

The core of her body sweetly unraveled.

Although she felt unpleasant when girls told her she was cute, she felt happy when it was Kageo who said she was cute.

“Hmph, hmm-hmph! Of course-desu!”

She pretended to be miffed, but her lips curved into a smile which eventually turned into a big smile.

“I’m gonna stick it in, so place your hands on that vaulting box”

“Like this-desu?”

She placed her outstretched hands on the vaulting box that reached up to her waist.


“Will smack smack butt-desu?”

“I won’t. It’s only about fifteen minutes until we must go home too”

“That’s bad-desu. Quickly do it-desu”

Kageo’s fingers went on top of her tailbone. Her short pants and panties were pulled down, and her embarrassment grew stronger.

Her secret place was opened bare, and liquid nectar dripped down.


She heard a rustling sound, and something hot and smooth was pushing against her slit.

“I’m sticking it in”


Schlop. Schlup. Schlop schlop.

His glans pried open her vaginal opening, and proceeded to wade its way through the tightly packed folds.

“Ah, ahh, aaaahhh”

Layla’s body shuddered.

Even though the feeling of being forced was strong, she was vexed that it didn’t go deep enough.

“Uwh, ha-hard, hard to get in…”

Kageo was troubled. It was difficult to insert in standing doggystyle because the angle was not right. The feeling of her vaginal folds resisting was new to him. As he was sticking it in, trying to forcibly shoving it in, Layla stuck her ass high.

“Please, aahh, stick it, in deep-desu!”


His glans finally poked the womb’s opening.

“It-it’s in…”

The folds covered with small bumps came squirming in and jostled his glans. The movement that seemed to pull him deeper and deeper was proof that Layla’s body was enjoying it.


It felt like he was going to get squeezed just by standing still.

A shiver ran down the back of his gym uniform.

“Kageeeo! Move-aruyoo!!”


When he involuntarily bursted out laughing, “Muu,” Layla let out a pouty-like voice.

Crap. I got her mad!

“I love you so much! Layla, I really love you!!”

When he grabbed her breasts from behind and had her back stick close to him, and breathed out on her ear, shivers ran through Layla’s body and her knees almost collapsed.


When he tightened the grabbing on her breasts in a panic, her fingers sunk into her soft swelling bulges and Layla made a sweet squeal.

“Boobs, don’t, it’s throbbing-desu”

The boobs that had been thoroughly rubbed during the boobjob seemed to have become more sensitive. When he rubbed her jiggly shaking slime breasts, his fingers sunk in, causing them to change shape intricately.

Kageo was rubbing her breasts while still inside her.

A standing doggystyle, with both of her hands on the vaulting box inside the gymnasium’s equipment storeroom. She was wearing her gym uniform, showing only her breasts and ass. The dust and sweat smelling equipment storeroom smelled sweet because of Layla.

“Ah, aahh… Good-desu. Feels good-desu…”

Layla raised a pained voice.

It felt good having her breasts rubbed while his penis still in her vagina. Given that the feel during the boobjob still lingered, the pleasure seemed to double.

“Amaazing, your boobs, it’s so tender”

Holding her nipples between his fingers, squeeze squeeze, he was rubbing it. Each time her nipples squeezed by his finger crotch, an electric current like pleasure ran through her core.

And each time, the penis inside her vagina grew in size. This was due to her folds tightening as her body tensed up, which in turn increased the presence of his cock.

I want more. I want to taste him with my whole body. I want him to go deeper.

“Stick deeper please!”


“Why laughing-desu!?”

“I just thought you’re so cute”

The tension in her melted away. She was delighted when told she was cute.

“Me cute, of course-desu! Move-desu!”

“I got it”

He began the pulling and pushing.

Her body rocked back and forth, feeling like she was about to fall over.

Layla folded her arms and rested her forehead on the vaulting box to support her upper body.

The angle changed due to the change in posture where her ass sticking out, making his glans push up against her womb’s mouth.


“Layla, don’t be too loud”


However, everytime his hips moved, her moan would leak out.

“Nn. nnnn… Haah haahh, good, it’s good-desu”

Kageo was antsy.

It wouldn’t be that long until they must leave school. It would be the end if a teacher making patrol came. Whether they’d find out, or they’d lock the door.

“Sorry. I’ll take it off when it’s done”

He slipped a handkerchief twisted like a string over Layla’s mouth and tied it at the back of her head.

“Mmgh, uw, uwwh”

Layla’s profile turned bright red.

When she made a struggling voice, a feeling like it was something wrong welled up from deep within him, making his excitement skyrocket.

Kageo grabbed her hips tight, and began to rhythm vigorously.

Schlop, schlop, schlop.

The coupling made a sound of water. He pulled back, trying to tug off the folds that were coiling around him as if telling him not to pull out, and plunged in balls deep just before the glans came out. The moment his glans pushed against the lumpy, hard womb’s mouth, sloosh, her cervical mucus gushed out.

“Mgghr, uuwh, uwah”

Layla made a muffled moan through her gagged lips.

Her ass and Kageo’s lower abdomen hit each other, smack smack, and made a dry sound. It smelled like a bittersweet horny-like smell similar to ricotta cheesecake.


Her vagina was seething hot.

Although it seemed the tightening would be bad when her folds were all so slushy and wet, they were tightening and squeezing.

“Almost, there”


Layla groaned, as if to say, “Let it out!”

She was shaking all over.

Layla was already on the verge of climaxing.

I have to ejaculate quickly, but it’s a waste to finish it. Just one more, and he repeated the rhythm.

Layla was supporting her body, which was being shaken up roughly, with her hands on the vaulting box.

“Uuwh, Mmrgh, urgh”

I’m gonna cum.

A silver spark flashed in front of her eyes.

What at first glittered like sparklers, became more flashy with each thrust from him, making it like Christmas decorative lights.

His movements were also becoming faster and faster, and her body was rocking back and forth. Her head was wobbling, making her brain feel like it was shaken.

No! Cumming-desu!!

The moment his glans bore into her womb’s mouth, she could hear the sound of a balloon popping, and a huge wave of sweet, and agonizing pleasure washed over her.


Cumming cumming! I’m cumming~!

For an instant, Layla couldn’t see anything and her body stiffened.

“Uwa, ti-tightened, uuwwh. It’s coming!”


Her womb was dashed over with his semen.

Splurrt! Pump pump.

His hot semen permeated her womb, creating even greater pleasure.

“Uuwhh, uurgh”

Her moan leaked out from her gagged mouth.

I’m cumming again-desu!!

Her body turned hot in an instant, and trembled like having a convulsion.

Her field of view was dyed in silver color.

Her knees buckled.

He supported her by holding her stomach.

After pouring in every last bit of his sperm into Layla’s womb, Kageo pulled out his penis.

He untied the gag.

“Haahh,” Layla took a deep breath.

“Will wash-desu”

Layla took the handkerchief and put it into the pocket of her short pants.

“Only a few minutes left until we must leave school

“Change clothes-desu”

Layla took out her blazer and skirt from her school bag, and wore it over her gym uniform.

As she combed down her hair, she had already returned to the usual Layla.

When they were putting on their shoes at the entrance of the gymnasium after leaving the equipment storeroom, the door opened, and their homeroom teacher, Hatsutori-sensei, came in. He had keys dangling on him.

“Uwah, you two still here, huh”

“Kageo, sports festival executive committee member. Cleaning up hard. I, helped-desu”

“I appreciate your efforts. Now you better go home”

“Sensei. Here’s the key for the equipment storeroom”

“Yeah, I’ll put it back in the staff room. Yorusaki, looks like, you’ve somewhat mellowed out, huh”


Layla tilted her head curiously.

“Kageo, slimmed-desu. Cooool-desu. Not round-desu”

“When we say ‘to mellow,’ it means the character has become more gentle,” Kageo explained.

“Kageo, character, very good, gentle-desu!”

“Sensei, have I, always been irritating?”

“Yeah, before, you gave a harsh feeling like, ‘if you come closer I’ll kill you.’ I couldn’t blame you considering your circumstances, but I was wondering if you hated people”

That’s right. I, hated my classmates. I detested women, and was not good with the cheery people. Layla changed me.

Since when did I have my heart shut, I wonder? When I was a child, I was a bit more docile, and shouldn’t have been this twisted, though.

That must be when his parents died. Caught up in a traffic accident, his parents died, and Kageo was hospitalized for a long time.

His school year became one year behind, and became sick of being pitied and given cheap sympathy.

He repeated “die” in his mind. Even though knowing that no one would die when he sent his deep-seated grudge, he had to spit out his venom to keep on living.

I’m the same with Layla.

“You also changed, Sudou. It’s like you’ve become more cheerful. You two make a great couple, really”

Best couple-desu”

Layla puffed out her chest.

“Thank you very much, and please excuse us”

He went to walk hand in hand.

It was already getting dark outside, but their future was shining brightly. He had such a feeling.

TL notes:

^1. Oden (おでん, 御田) is a type of nabemono (Japanese one-pot dishes), consisting of several ingredients such as boiled eggs, daikon, konjac, and processed fishcakes stewed in a light, soy-flavored dashi broth.

^2. Bibimbap[1] (/ˈbiːbɪmbæp/ BEE-bim-bap,[2] from Korean 비빔밥 [pi.bim.p͈ap̚], literally “mixed rice”), sometimes romanized as bi bim bap or bi bim bop, is a Korean rice dish.

^3. I’ve no idea why suddenly about the film “Carrie”. But here’s the sypnopsis of it “Carrie/Film synopsis
High school can be tough for many teenagers, but for Carrie White, it’s especially hellish. A shy and awkward teen being raised by a religious zealot, Carrie is frequently the target of bullies. But Carrie has a secret talent: She can make things move with her mind. One fateful night, an especially cruel prank at her senior prom pushes her over the edge, and Carrie unleashes her telekinetic powers on all who get in her way”

^4. The word used by the sensei “丸くなって” which could mean to be rounded or to mellow out (personality). “丸” alone can mean circle. Oh well, this sucks to be translated into English.

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