A Returnee Classmate, Number One On The List Of People I Want To Kill, Became My Wife: Chapter 5 – Student Marriage Proposal Shatters The Fate Of Separation


“I’m off-desu”

Layla was about to leave the house after saying her leave to her grandma.

Today was Sunday, and she would go watch a movie with Kageo.

“You’re going on a date, right? go have fun. Don’t be out until too late, alright?,” her grandma said while looking down at the catalogs spread out on the dining table.

The morning sun coming through the window brightly illuminated the dishwasher’s color photo.

“Going to buy one?”

“Yeah. I’m going to say this to you ahead of time, Layla. I’ve decided to remarry”

“‘Remarry’? Errr”

Her grandma used her smartphone, and used a translation software to show the English and showed it to Layla.

Remarriage? Eeeh”

Grandma said she had a lover. I thought it was a joke, but it’s true, huh.


“It’s been over twenty years since we were separated by death. I’m sure my husband will also tell me to do what I want”

“What kind of person-desu? Where did you meet-desu?”

“He’s the same age and unemployed. We met at the gym”

“Congratulations-desu. Wh-what about this house?”

“I’ve decided to ‘reform’ it, and move in with him”

The English word “reform” means “ to rehabilitate” or “to correct someone’s conduct.” English words coined in Japan are the hardest. She made full use of her smartphone to look for the meaning. It seems to be about “renovation.”


“I hope to have it started within a month”

“Th-that quick. I-I, where to live-desu?”

“Of course, you will live in this house. I’ve made a promise with your mother after all”

She wanted to talk to her mother about it but her date was coming up. Since she had planned to stay in Japan until her highschool graduation, she moved here not as an exchange student, but as a returnee. She was simply flustered at the unbelievable turn of events.

“Layla, you better go quick. You don’t want to be late for your date”

Her grandma smiled with the face of a maiden in love.

“That sure was fun. American movie really is extravagant, isn’t it”


Kageo tilted his head.

They were on a date, and yet Layla was being absent minded. It was a Hollywood movie with a Japanese subtitle so there was no way she wouldn’t understand it.

After the movie had ended and he had gone to the toilet, he found Layla deep in talk on her phone. She looked awfully serious.

“What do you wanna eat?”


Pang, Kageo clapped his hands in front of her eyes.

“Kyaa! Surprised-desu”

“It’s called ‘slapping your hands in front of someone to confuse them.’1 …Let’s go there”

Kageo pointed at a cafe.

After taking their seat and ordered a pancake lunch, he turned to her.

“If you have any worry, I’m here to listen”

“I will be homeless-desu. Troubled-desu”


While using a translation website with his phone, he began to listen to the details.

America, had call-desu. The past, mom, marriage, grandma Japan, mom went to America-desu. Mom. I wish grandma happiness-desu. Grandma life-desu. Mom, I support remarriage-desu. I said it. Mom coming to Japan-desu”2

“How do you feel about it, Layla?”

“Surprised-desu. Didn’t say congratulations-desu3. I the worst-desu. But wish happiness-desu”

‘Even though grandma’s remarriage is a happy thing and I’m wishing her happiness, I was too surprised to be able to say congratulations. I’m the worst’

Layla’s Japanese had improved considerably.

Even for the furigana added on the printouts, she only needed it for difficult kanji characters.

“It’s fine to congratulate her once you get home”

Remarriage, renovation, me hindrance. I, what to do? I don’t know”

“Your mom is coming to Japan, right? How about telling her you want to rent an apartment?”

Layla’s expression turned brighter in an instant.

Apartment! Living alone! The best-desu!!”

However, there was also a chance that her mother would return to America with Layla. It would also be understandable were she to judge that leaving her high school daughter alone to live in a foreign country to be impossible. Layla was still a minor, and there were many kanjis she still couldn’t read after all.

So we might have to say goodbye in a month, huh. Just around when the cultural festival is ending. It can’t be helped.

Kageo was the cautious category. He would think of the worst and take measures. Although it had made Kageo avoid major blunder, it had also limited his actions, making him cowardly.

Huh? Even when Layla is being absent minded, I, am able to worry about Layla, right?

If it were Kageo until recently, he would’ve thought, “Layla doesn’t like me. All the lovey-dovey stuff until now is just a play. She’s just making fun of me,” and becoming distrustful.

Without even preparing to run away, he accepted her situation.

A phone rang. It was not Kageo’s. It was Layla’s.


The face that was looking at the phone turned gloomy in an instant.

“Kageo, I, go home-desu. One hour later, Zoom meeting-desu. Mommy, daddy, grandma, me, future plan, family meeting. Sorry-desu”

“I got it. Let’s eat quickly”

Layla finished up the remaining pancake in a haste, and then hurriedly returned home.

Rooftop during lunch break, perfect place to talk about the complicated stuff.

Grandma, says I live OK. But impossible-desu. Live with stranger grandpa impossible-desu. Rent apartment. Need 1.8 million more. Mom said ‘troubling.’ America, I can transfer high school-desu. Drop out Japan high school, and return back, mom told me”

They talked while eating a sandwich, onigiri, and yakisoba sandwich bought at the school store.

“1.8 million yen…”

He searched the internet with his phone and looked up a studio apartment. The rent was about 60,000 yen, but with two months worth of key money and security deposit, plus utilities, food, and miscellaneous expenses, it would probably cost 100,000 yen a month.

Having said that, she also couldn’t continue to live in the Sudou house after her grandmother’s remarriage. The partner of her grandmother’s remarriage was a complete stranger to Layla after all.

They ate their bread in silence.

Yakisoba sandwich was his favorite, and yet he got so focused on money that he almost couldn’t taste it.

The sun was pouring so brightly on the rooftop that it was hot.

“Don’t want return. I like Japan. Parting with Kageo lonely-desu…”

Layla began to cry as he ate his yakisoba sandwich. Teardrops trickled down from her blue eyes. Her wet eyes grew with a tinge of blue, and even her tears seemed to be dyed light blue.

“Let’s have lots of fun. We’re going to have the best month, the best cultural festival ever”


Layla smiled through her tears.

It’s like, the seriousness itself, isn’t it.

Kageo looked fondly at his lover engaging in a crane game.

“Layla. Just a bit more, a bit”

The arm of the crane game moved inside the transparent enclosure.


Layla pressed the button in one swift movement. With her control, the arm descended and scooped out the capsule.

The arm moved up, went to the left corner, and the claw opened widely. The capsule fell into a cylinder-shaped outlet.

I got it-desu!”

She was jumping up and down holding the capsule.

Movies, karaoke, game arcade, temple, and shrine. Fall festival and amusement park. Zoo. They went on a date and had fun.

The money was withdrawn from his savings.

It was fun, but it became heartrending as time passed. It was because the day of parting was approaching.

Layla’s grandma was steadily working on the preparations for her remarriage. And it seemed her mother had come to Japan, tidying up leftover stuff and taking care of some formalities, but he still hadn’t greeted her yet.

In ten days, the day after the cultural festival, Layla was going to depart from Japan.

“Let’s see the inside of the capsule”

The capsule was opened in half, and inside was a folded piece of paper. There were numbers written on the paper.

“A miss-desu?”

“No, it’s different. If we enter this number on the locker here…”

“Waahh. The door opened-desu… What is this-desu?”

Kageo almost spurted out. It was because, what looked like a pestle with a semicircle dome on it, was an electric massager that he had seen on adult websites.

“It’s a tool to relieve stiff shoulders. How about giving it as a present for your mom or grandmother?”

Grandma, going to gym-desu. Mom, no stiff shoulders-desu”

“I see. Then, let’s use it on… Layla!

When he whispered “your clitoris” without saying it out loud, Layla’s eyes widened and her face turned bright red.

“Let’s go to my house!”



“Made mistake-desu. Let’s gooo,” Layla said like a teacher leading an excursion.

Then it happened when they were walking towards his house after leaving the game arcade.

They came across a middle-aged woman with a face similar to Layla’s.


“Mom. Shopping-desu?”

Layla’s mom was a brisk, young looking woman. She had black hair and eyes, but they looked really alike. She reminded him of the Disney animation Pocahontas.

“I got tired from tidying up, and when I was taking a walk I got so nostalgic. It’s been twenty years after all”

“This is Yorusaki Kageo-kun-desu. Lover-desu”

Layla introduced Kageo.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Yorusaki”

“I’ve heard about you from Layla. You’re really such a nice boy”

He took the extended hand and shook it.

“Ma’am, Layla, she wants to stay in Japan. She also has a lot of friends. Would it be possible for her to at least stay here until graduation? Would it be, possible to have her grandmother’s marriage to wait?”

“I’m sorry about that. That’s not possible. My mother is already sixty-five. She can’t wait a year and a half to get married”

“In that case, I’ll go study abroad and see Layla”

“That’s right. You should come to America next time”

Kageo bowed to Layla’s mother.

He began to walk hand on hand with her.

“Are you going to study abroad?”

Rather than someone who would cross a stone bridge after checking its solidness, Kageo was the type who would give up crossing after checking the solidness of the stone bridge. He had never even considered studying abroad. However.

“Right away is impossible, but I’ll get a part-time job, save up money, study English, and I’ll definitely come to see you”

“I wait-desu”


They reached his house as they talked.

“Come, please get in”

He led Layla to his room.

He was bad at the somewhat awkward mood peculiar to when they were about to have sex, so he faced away.

Layla took out the electric massager from the bag. She was absorbed with turning it on and off.

“Brrr brrr-desu. Do you, use this on vagina?”


Layla’s eyes glazed over.

She, who had M tendency, “Haah…,” exhaled passionately, as if anticipating the stimulation when this was used on herself.

“Tie up-desu”


“Will brr brr-desu. Will flapping flapping-desu. I kick Kageo-desu”

When using the massager, she would likely react violently to the vibration. Since she could end up kicking him, she wanted her hands and feet to be tied. That was what Layla wanted to say.

“Ah, I-I see”

Layla went to lie on her back on the bed still in her uniform.

“Umm, I-I’ll tie you”

He Xed both of her wrists above her head, strapped them together with a string, and tied it to the bed’s decorative bar.

“It’s like, somewhat getting me excited”

In addition, he also strapped a string around her ankle, and tied them to the bar at the corner.

Realizing her panties were still on, he hurriedly pulled them down. The panties were all sticky and wet.

He pulled the panties from her free ankle, and then strapped it with string and tied it.

While still in her uniform, she was tied into the “人” character. The panties twisted and coiled around her right ankle was sexy.

She, who was tied to the bed and resigning her body as if to say, “Please do anything you want,” was so cute that he wanted to tease her.


Layla leaked out a suffocating long sigh.

He, holding the massager, was staring hard at Layla from above. His gaze was hot. It was a gaze like looking through the uniform to see her nakedness.

Just by imagining herself getting bullied with the massager made her secret place wet. Her womb was tingling impatiently.

“Hurry, up, please-desu”

Layla finally begged.

He gulped, and then turned on the switch.

The massager making a brrrrr-sound was pressed against her bulging breasts.

“Ahh, aaahhh… hiih, hiahh…”

The vibration was mild since it was over her blazer, blouse, and then her bra, but she could feel the vibration on her nipples.

“Uuwwh, uahh… Hahh… Aaaahhhhh”

She wanted to escape from the vibration, and yet her spine arched up. As if, she was begging for more.

She broke out in sweat from the overstimulation.

Pressing it on her right and left breasts, then releasing it. He repeated the pressing and releasing.

“N-noo… Hahh hahhh… Don’t”

The turned off massager was pulled away, but the vibrations still lingered deep in her body.

“Does it feel good?”

“Good-desu. Very… Tingles-desu”

“I see”

With a somewhat unpleasant expression, he unbuttoned Layla’s blazer and blouse, and opened the chest. He also deftly undid the front hook of her bra. The breasts warmed by the underwear were exposed to the open air, and he found her nipples tensed up hard and high.

“Uwahh. Your nipples are hard. Layla, you’re just so naughty. You sure you aren’t actually a bitch?”

She flared up when he spoke up in a teasing tone.

“I love Kageo! That’s why, I naughty-desu!! Only Kageo can tie up!!”

The only person Layla would let do anything to her was Kageo. It wasn’t like she was horny with everyone.


Kageo was taken away.

He was more disappointed than happy when the massager aroused her. His pessimism just ended up coming out. He ended up thinking, “If the electric massager is good enough for her, then would anyone be good enough?”

Only Kageo can tie up.

Indeed. Layla was trusting Kageo. When tied up, she might be left behind, or might even be stabbed, but she was willing to entrust her body to Kageo.

“Sorry. I, got jealous of the massager”

“Ahaha. Massager, not person-desu”

Layla smiled like a blooming flower.

Yeah. My lover, just how cute she is, really.

I want to feel her up, make her feel it, and make her cum a lot.

We’re going to be separated soon after all.

Kageo put his hands on both breasts, and massaged them like kneading bread. Let’s burn it all into my brain, even the number of tiny dots on her pink areola.

Kageo repeatedly licked her nipples, placed the massager on them, and sucked on them.

“Hahh, haahh, aaaahhhh, hiiah… Kageo, Kageeeo! Aaahh, N-no more-desu”

Her white skin was covered in sweat, and shined glossily like a soft porcelain.

The corners of her eyes were dyed red and sexy. The bed creaked and shook. It smelled like no-bake cheesecake. It was the smell of horniness.


Only Kageo ever saw this face melted by pleasure.

I really don’t want to be separated from her…

“Kageo, what’s wrong-desu?”

“Sorry. I was captivated by you”

“Kageo, changed-desu. You were unsociable, always sullen. Now can say flattery-desu!”

That’s right. I had always been sullen. And putting up a wall around me.

“It’s not flattery, you know”

Kageo buried his face in the center of her breasts, and jiggled left and right.

“Fufu,” Layla laughed, “Ticklish-desu.”

She wanted to embrace his head, yet she couldn’t move her hands. The vexed feeling incited her feeling of affection. Her breasts were burning hot, leaving them numb all over, and she could only feel him licking her cleavage.

“Nnn… Hahh, haahh… Aahh, arm, nnnn”

Her secret place was getting all wet, making her worried whether her skirt would get wet.

Kageo lifted his face, pressed the massager on her navel, and turned on the switch.


Her tied up body sprung up at the stimulation given at an unexpected place.

The massager glided downward without pause and pressed on her lower abdomen which was hidden by her pleated uniform skirt. And her womb began to tingle.

“D-don’t, there, belly, deep, womb!”

Kageo turned off the switch and flipped up the skirt.


“Don’t say it-desu. Embarrassing”

She was embarrassed to death.

“I’m happy, you know”

“I’m glad-desu”

Kageo turned on the switch. Hearing the electric sound, Layla closed her eyes.

He pressed the massager on her clitoris.


It felt like electricity was running through her entire body.

The violent pleasure was making her body shaking all over.

She stiffened her tied up arms and legs and endured it, but the electric current of pleasure passed through the nerve tissue under her skin, making her numb to the tips of her fingernails.

Her field of vision turned silver, and her consciousness was cut short.

Layla completely fainted.

Kageo was surprised, and turned off the massager. He placed it on the bedside, and then shook Layla’s shoulders.

“Layla, are you okay?”

Layla opened her eyes thinly.

She was in a daze, looking like she had not cooled down from being enraptured.

“Tool, don’t want. Kageo, love you. Quickly put in penis-desu”

“My cock doesn’t shake brrrr brrrr like that, though”


He didn’t mean to tell a joke, but Layla giggled.

From her crotch that was spread like a “人” character, her clitoris was erect at about the size of the tip of pinky finger.

Her slit opened up, and her nectar was dribbling down all the while the petals were gasping.

Kageo took out his penis and rubbed it himself, making it more erect.

“Please untie feet-desu. Want hug legs-desu”


He untied the string on both her ankles.

He draped over her. Layla wiggled her hips herself to adjust the position.

He spread her facing-up-thighs to the sides with his hips, and pushed the glans against the slit.

“I love you”

“Me too-desu”

Her blue eyes were staring straight at Kageo.

He felt around her slit with his glans, found the flesh dip, and pushed in hard in a jerk.

Slrrch slrrch, it was going in.

“Uwahh. Amazing. It’s piping hot”

Layla’s secret place was hotter than usual and the small bumps were more vivid than ever, as if it was like konjac udon.

“Aahh, going in-desu”

He penetrated the tightly packed folds, trying to push his way through using the crown of the glans. He finally reached the dead end. The vaginal walls were sticking on him.

Her vagina was opened in the shape of Kageo’s penis.

All of Layla, is mine.

“Aahh, h-hurts-desu”

Layla whined.

It was because her clitoris hurt badly from being pressed against his lower abdomen.


“Clit is, aahh”

Layla jerked her hips up. It was a bridge position, where her back arched up with the back of her head and the soles of her feet supporting her body.

His pubes rubbed against it and it hurt.

If her wrists were free, she would likely have pushed him away.

“Ah, I see. So-sorry”

He, kneeling, began to move back and forth at shallower places.

Layla, who would feel it in her womb, seemed to get higher but didn’t, even if she was being rubbed in the middle with his glans.

However, Kageo’s reaction was strong.

“Uuwh, this is, crazy effective!”

“Effective-desu?,” she asked back as she didn’t know the meaning.

“Layla, your place here in the middle is curved and tight! The tip is being squeezed and stimulated, and it’s soooo good”

“I’m happy-desu”

She didn’t know what exactly was going on inside her body, but Kageo was pleased with Layla’s body. And that made her happy.

Schlup, slrrch, schlop schlop.

Everytime he moved in small movements, her folds were making a naughty sound.

Because her wrists were bound, each time she was rocked back and forth, her body would move in small movements.

She already, could no longer support her body with the sole of her feet.

Pomf, her butt plopped down on the bed, slrrch, and his penis slipped out. Shivers ran through her body when the glans crown retreated back while rubbing the middle.


Kageo draped over her once again and thrusted his penis into her.

Slrrrch, schlop.

“Wh-what’s this? …Aaahh, I feel, I feel it-desu”

Layla shook lightly. Her partly opened lips were quivering.

“Eh? I don’t go all the way, though”

“I feel the middle weird-dseu!”

It’s the G-spot!

It was no more than information of erotic sites, but it seemed that women who would feel it in their womb were the minority instead, and most women would have their erogenous zone at the G-spot in the center of the vagina.

And just now, Layla had awoken to the pleasure of G-spot.


Layla, I’m developing her!

His arousal reached the extreme at the discovery that he was reshaping his lover’s body.

“Uuuwhh, uuuuuhh, uuwwh”

He tried to amp up his movements, but Layla’s legs entwined around Kageo’s hips.

She wrapped her legs around him like a koala. She would likely cling to him were her arms to be free.

Kageo moved his hips in small movements.

“Aah, ahh, nnn… Haahh hahh… Aaahh. Kageo, Kageeeo!”

Layla writhed, yelling sweet voices.

Since her hands were tied up, he could move his hips while watching her face melted in pleasure.

In Layla’s blue eyes, the face of a man overflowing with confidence was reflected.

So this is, how I appeared to Layla, huh.

“Good, so good-desu. I feel it-desu”

Her vagina was tightening in the middle, and curved towards the back. Moreover, the small bumps were concentrated at the tight place. When he pulled and pushed in the glans, it felt pleasant like small tongues were wrapping and licking him all over.

He could smell fresh sweat, sweet body odor, and the smell of no-bake cheesecake.

“Ahh, aahh”

Layla panicked. The pleasure of G-spot was to the point her body was shaking all over, and was completely different from the pleasantness of love caressing and kissing, or the pleasure of the womb.

It was similar to the good feeling of the massager, but unlike the strong yet monotonous stimulation of the tool, it was a deep and profound stimulation.

“Kageo, I, already, already… going cummming-desu”

Her eyes flickered before her.

It was the sign of climax.

Pop, a lump of silver bursted out.


Layla’s body was trembling.

The irritation of wanting to embrace him yet couldn’t because she couldn’t move her arms felt like it was doubling the pleasure.

“Uwh. It’s coming out”

She could feel the semen spurting out in her.

Sploot sploot, pump!



Layla rocked her hips, trying to catch the semen in her depth.

However, she couldn’t.

Because of the ejaculation at the shallow place in her vagina, the pleasure of catching the semen filling up her womb was lacking.

It felt good, but the feeling of wanting it grew even stronger.

Layla unconsciously wriggled her folds.

“Uwahh. Incredible. I’m being jostled around. Uuwwh!”

Kageo stopped moving and remained still.

I want it deep. I want semen directly into my womb. My womb half-heartedly dashed over with semen is throbbing furiously.


Kageo thoroughly finished his ejaculation, and tried to pull out together with a satisfied sigh.

However, the legs wrapped around him like a koala were hindrance, so he couldn’t pull out.

“Don’t. One more, deep, womb, I want sperm-desu”

Squirm squirm, her folds were squirming.

“Uwh, uuwh”

The glans, which had become more sensitive because he had just ejaculated, were being rubbed by small-tongue-like bumps, causing the weakening cock to be filled with strength.

“Deep, please-desu”

“Doesn’t it hurt your clit?”


“Put down your feet”


Layla unentangled her legs.

While still connected, Kageo rested her thighs on her shoulders.

And then, he plunged in from above at once.

It was a viennese oyster position, where she bent her body up in half, starting at the connected part.


Layla screamed.

“Aahh, it’s hitting my womb-desu! Deep, feels good, clit the best-desu”

Sloosh, her cervical mucus gushed out.

Kageo continued the rhythm, shoving it in from above.

Schlop, schlup, schlop.

The bed was creaking, and their moans overlapped one another.

“Uwwh, uuuwh”

“Aaaah, Kageo! So good-desu”

He was plugging in and plugging out, trying to paint her folds with his semen.

From the gap between her pure white thighs, he could see breasts swaying.

“Ahh, aaahh, uuwwh, I feel it-desu!!”

Layla panted. The impact went directly to her womb. The pleasure of the womb was stronger than the G-spot.

It was a painful position where her wrists were tied up and her body bent up, but if anything, that seemed to add a spice, which then accentuated the pleasure.

Sluush, her cervical mucus gushed out.

“Uwahh, it’s coming out! Amazing”

There was no pain on her clitoris. It was not a missionary position, so it wasn’t pressed by his lower abdomen.

Each time Kageo pushed it deep, his pubes would touch her clitoris, rubbing it briefly before pulling away. And that moment was irresistible.

“Uuwwh, Kageo, aahh, good, so good-desu. I feel it-desu”

The pleasure of the G-spot was tingling, but the pleasure of the womb resonated deep in her core. She was jolted up and down, feeling like riding a rollercoaster.

A flash appeared in the back of her eyes. It was the sign of climax.

“Can’t, I can’t-dseu. Cumming-desu!”

His glans bore into her womb’s mouth, and her clitoris was rubbed by his pubes. His nice and cold balls rested just above her asshole, and then left.

The pleasure piled on top of one another, and then bursted at once.



Despite her lover groaning and stopping his movements, he began to use his hips again as soon as Layla’s stiffening relaxed.

“No, noooo, already, tough-desu”

The blood throughout her body was boiling, and her internal pressure swelled up to the point where she thought it might spurt out of her pores.

Her view was getting fuzzy. Within her fuzzy view, her own feet in their socks swayed.

Such pleasure, it’ll break me. No, even if it doesn’t break me, it seems like I’d be forced to cum to somewhere far away and never come back.


Her cervical mucus gushed out, and her surroundings were dyed in silver.

“Amazing. Layla, you just keep on cumming”

Layla seemed to have learned how to reach climax without stiffening her body.

Her secret place, which got hotter each time she cummed, was squeezing and tightening up.

Kageo was almost there. He was kept on the rhythm while still almost on his feet.

“Noo, I want semen-desu… Ahh, aahh, cumming-desu!”

She trembled jerkingly.

Her climax just now seemed to be a violent one, and she was drooling from the corner of her mouth, making ahegao4.

No matter what kind of face she’s making, it’s cute.

Kageo also thrusted in deeper at once and ejaculated, bucking his hips.

Since it was a second shot without even pulling out, perhaps the semen was becoming thinner, it shot out with great force.

Splurrt splurrt, sploot, sploorrt.


“It’s coming in-desu”

Hundreds of millions of sperm entered her womb, and permeated the inner walls.

Her throbbing and tingling womb was soothed by his hot semen, turning it into sweet intoxication.

Her pleasant consciousness floated, making her feel good.

Layla surrendered herself to the gentle pleasure like riding a cloud. She came to her senses from the feeling of the string being untied from her wrists. It was only a few moments, but she seemed to have fainted.

“I love you”

Kageo kissed Layla’s forehead and then pulled away. He pulled out his peniis from her vagina, and it was open in the shape of his penis, oozing out white semen.

“Love you-desu. Kageeo! Want marry you-desu…”

“Yeah, really. I’d love to marry you. …Aah!”

Something popped up in his mind as he answered while fixing up his appearance.

That’s right. We should just get married!

It had never struck his mind until just now. His innate seriousness worked against him, and he hadn’t even thought about it.

However, if they got married and lived together in this house, Layla wouldn’t have to go back, and she wouldn’t even have to give up her American citizenship.

He looked it up on his smartphone and set it to display the English, and handed it to Layla.

“You said you wanted to live in Japan while keeping your American citizenship, didn’t you”

Layla tilted her head while whirling her wrists.


“There’s a way to do it”

She looked at the phone Kageo handed to her. She looked at the display, and her eyes opened wide.

It was a page about international marriage. An American woman who married a Japanese man could obtain a spouse visa and continue to live in Japan while keeping her citizenship.

“Kageo, seventeen years old. Japan marriage, A minor can’t-desu”

“Women can get married at sixteen and men at eighteen, but my birthday is on the cultural festival, you see. And I’ll be eighteen then”

“Eighteen years old? Why-desu?”

“Back in the sixth grade, I got into a traffic accident and was hospitalized for a long time, and was a year behind on starting middle school. That’s why, we can get married”

“I didn’t know-desu”

Layla’s expression brightened in a flash.

Eh? I told her I repeated, right?

“Do it properly-desu! Propose-desu!”

Layla spread her arms and embraced him.

“Sudou Layla-san. Please marry me”


Kageo patted her.

TL notes:

^1. Nekodamashi (猫騙し, ねこだまし) is an unconventional sumo wrestling technique, which involves a wrestler clapping his hands together in front of his opponent’s face at the tachi-ai (start of the bout). The aim of this technique is to cause the opponent to close his eyes briefly, allowing the instigator to gain the advantage.

^2. 「アメリカ、電話したです。昔、お母さん、結婚、グランマ日本、お母さんアメリカ行ったです。お母さん。グランマ幸せ祈るです。グランマ人生です。お母さん、リマリッジ賛成です。言いました。お母さん日本来るです」 This is the whole thing that Layla said here if you’re curious hahaha.

^3. I’ve rechecked and she did say congratulations/omedetou previously. So I don’t know why she said this.

^4. I bet any of you reading this already knows what ahegao is, but here is how it looks, just in case

Other changes:

1. Changing some of the words “hip/hips” in the previous chapters to “ass”

2. Changing “titty fuck” in previous chapters to “boobjob”

3. Changing “fellatio” in previous chapters to “blowjob”

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