Hey, Wanna Go Out With Me? My Childhood Friend, A Beautiful Girl, Asked Me To Be Her Boyfriend, And I’ve Started A Camouflage Boyfriend V1: Chapter 5 – Couple Certified Indirect Kiss

I’ve learnt one thing since becoming a couple for the first time.

It seems that gossip about you, no matter how contentious or noisy, can be overhead as quickly as if it were being spoken to you directly.

『I wonder why Toiro and Masaichi are together. What was their reason?』

『I can’t imagine. Why those two? That’s what I’m wondering.』

『I saw them walking home together the other day, but they weren’t holding hands or anything. Instead, Masaichi’s walking speed was so fast that it was even hard for them to do so. I wonder if they were on a date or something.』

『Having said that, their conversation yesterday was rather odd. From Toiro to Masaichi’s point of view.』

“Hey, did you keep my clothes in your room?”

“Oh, I remember. Those shorts, right?”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s been getting hot lately. I’ll wear them today.

『What!? I can’t believe they can communicate over such a measly topic, like clothes! And she’s already started leaving her clothes in her boyfriend’s room? I wonder if they really just started dating. There seems to be something going on with those two.』

However, this time, Sarukaya didn’t learn this piece of information from Taniya.

Even amidst the classroom noise during recess, somehow, the stories about me were easy to hear. It was a new sensation for me, as I was not a person they particularly talked about.

Well, the reason there are so many rumours about me is because I’m dating Toiro, who is highly popular at school. I was completely caught up in a huge scandal.

Still, it appears like some weird misunderstandings are going on around me. I should tighten up and behave more like a couple. Distance between childhood friends may sometimes lead to doubts and uncertainty, so I should be more aware of the fact that I’ve just recently begun dating Toiro…

As I sat with my elbows placed on the desk, my brows furrowed in thought. Suddenly, someone placed a hand on my shoulder from the back.

“Oi Masaichi-Kun. Don’t pay too much attention to what people say about you.”

Looking back, I saw Sarukaya standing there. He sat down next to me on the unoccupied seat and shook his head to separate his long, obnoxious bangs.

“At the end of the day, everyone is envious of you. It’s a joyful tax that transforms everyone’s idol into his or her woman. Don’t be concerned.”

“Oh, um, thank you.”

I couldn’t help but thank him for his sudden kind words.

“Not a problem. You and I are friends, right?”


“What are you on about? We’re best buddies. We’re soul mates who’ve been talking about anime for a long time.”

“We met in middle school. And I don’t think I ever said anything about being friends.”

“Masaichi, you…this guy…seriously…You have the mindset of someone who doesn’t have any friends……”

Oh…is that so?

“How can you not be friends with someone at school with whom you can speak about and have fun? We’ve even gone to an anime shop together. What makes you think that isn’t a friend?”

“Is that…what it’s for?”

Friends are problematic because they are not clearly defined. What happens when you have sex with someone? When you go out to play? What about a relationship where you just talk at school? What about someone you chat with every day in a game but don’t know their real name or face? The list goes on and on, and I don’t know how to draw the line.

“That’s just the way it is! We’re friends, best friends.”

Maybe that’s why a guy like me needed someone like Sarukaya who could say it out loud and clearly.

“Thank you, Sarukaya. Keep up the good work.”

“Oh, nice to meet you. So, why don’t you invite Toiro and her friend to go out somewhere sometime? We can have lunch or something. There are a lot of cute girls around Toiro-chan, you know. Would you mind helping me introduce myself? Of course, her friend should be a good-looking girl who doesn’t have a boyfriend.”

“You’re just trying to use me!”

We’re not friends after all…..

“Don’t say that, Masaichi. I want to have a girlfriend too. You know that, right? It’s not fair that you’re the only one who gets to enjoy it.”

“It was stupid of me to even take this pornographic monkey seriously for a second.”

I wonder what it means to be a friend? I’m not sure again.

As I looked at Sarukaya’s face in disgust, he coughed and cleared his throat as if to regain his composure. And now he starts talking to me in a different tone of voice.

“Listen, Masaichi. First of all, I want to know about Toiro-chan, too. She’s the girl who became Masaichi’s girlfriend, so I want to make sure I know her well. I still don’t know whether she’s worthy of being your girlfriend, Masaichi.”


“You’re dating, right? Let me at least say hello to her.”

I was at a loss for words when he said that to me.

No, no, no, no, no, he’s that pornographic monkey. Suppose I introduce him to Toiro and her friends, who knows what he’ll do. I was about to say yes when I immediately thought about it.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t you two. I’d heard quite a bit about what you were saying.”

Once again, someone appeared from behind and suddenly entered the conversation.

“Oh, Toiro-chan!”

Sarukaya raised a cheer. When I looked back, I saw my girlfriend(Tentative), Toiro, standing there. Why does everyone want to get behind me? Is it because my back is empty?

Then Toiro, who had apparently been listening to our conversation from a distance, said something even more surprising.

“Sarukaya, I’m in love with that idea too!”


Do you mean…the idea where I’m supposed to introduce Sarukaya to Toiro and her female friends? I can only assume that’s the case.

“Seriously?! That’s what I’m talking about. I’ll be counting on you, Toiro-chan.”

Sarukaya rejoiced with all his might. I, on the other hand, froze for a moment, unable to understand Toiro’s intentions.

…………Are you going to go along with that?

“To be honest, Urara-chan has begged me several times to introduce my boyfriend to her.”

“Introduce me?”

“That’s right, but Masaichi isn’t the type of guy who likes to go out with girls he’s never talked to before, right? So I refused, but it appears that your friend said the same thing, so let’s take this opportunity to join all the troubles and disturbing things together.”

“I see, a joint operation.”

“Exactly, a joint operation. Also known as operation Mockingbird!”

It doesn’t matter how you phrase it, but Toiro’s suggestion does make a lot of sense. I agree with the plan. Rather than going out to play with two girls, I would feel more at ease with Sarukaya present.

After my approval, operation Mockingbird soon came into play.

However, going out to play would be too much of a hassle and would take away our precious time at home, so the four of us agreed to eat at the cafeteria during our lunch break. Torio and I arranged appointments with Sarukaya and Urara, and we agreed to meet them the next day at the cafeteria.

I, Sarukaya and the two girls gathered at the cafeteria.

“We’re in the same class, so it’s a little weird to introduce myself. I’m Toiro Kurumi, Masaichi’s girlfriend.”

“I look forward to working with you”, Toiro said, lowering her head.

“I know you, Toiro-Chan. Your boyfriend from junior high school has been taking care of me. It’s nice to meet you today, too, Urara-chan. I mean, we’re all in the same class, so we should get along!”

Sarukaya grins and smiles as he meets the two girls. As you would expect from an erotic monkey, he is unfazed by the imposing girls sitting in front of him. Although I was impressed by this, I hurriedly rushed to greet Nakasone Urara.

“I’ve recently begun Toiro…nice to meet you.”

When I glanced forward after offering a light bow, Nakano was staring at me.

Unlike Toiro, she has straight golden hair and a lovely face with clear eyes and a nose. She squinted her large, slit eyes and scrutinized me from head to toe. She seemed to be treading on my toes.

By the time I looked up, Nakasone’s gaze had fully relaxed.

“Nakasone Urara. As Sarukaya said, ‘We’re all in the same class, so we should get along.’ Nice to meet you.”

After exchanging our greetings, we went to the order counter to order our food.

I chose the daily replacement set meal, and Toiro picked the Karaage set meal, and we sat face-to-face on a four-seater table. Later, Sarukaya and Nakano came and sat down beside Toiro and me, respectively.

“Well, let’s eatーitadakimasu.”

Under Sarugatani’s guidance, we lightly clapped our hands and said, “Itadakimasu.”

I’m glad Sarukaya is here. I wouldn’t have known what to say if I was the only boy around. Thanks to Sarukaya’s communication skills, I felt like the conversation was flowing smoothly.

“Oh, it’s great to be surrounded by two girls, two of the most beautiful girls in the class, no less. It didn’t have to be two against two if you wanted. Two against three, two against four, or even one against five.”

“What’s the point if Masaichi doesn’t show up in the end?”

Nakasone calmly pointed out.

“Oh no, that’s right. My harem project is…….but it would have been better if there were more girls, Urara-chan. What about Kaede, who often hangs out with you?”

“Kaede, you know, has a special person. Maybe they’re eating lunch together somewhere?”

“Wait…that special person…is it her boyfriend? Seriously. I was aiming for that one.”

“You’re aiming for her body because of her proportions.”

“No, no, no, no, no, no, I’m not.”

“It’s too late for you to fake it. I mean, you are not Kaede’s boyfriend. It seems like Kaede is the only one who is being pushed around.”

“Oh my god, so that’s how it is. By the way, is it possible that this guy is from one of the two groups?”

“Oh, do you know him? Well, you’re strutting around the school, aren’t you? Yup, his name is Kasuga Kashibe from class two, but I can’t help that she’s dating――”

“Damn! That guy has Kaede’s bewitching body all to himself……”


I wonder…if it’s smooth.

They’ve been discussing it ever since the beginning of the conversation. Nakasone appears to be the one pulling strings behind this.

Toiro listened to Sarukaya and Nakasone’s conversation with a sarcastic smirk. She had previously told me that she was not adept at talks concerning love and jealousy.

It would be weird for me to interrupt and change the subject when they were getting enthusiastic about something. I decided to leave them alone for now and ate my lunch.

Today, I went with the daily special, a mixed fried set lunch. I started by taking one of my fried shrimps, holding it between my chopsticks, and bringing it over to Toiro’s dish in front of me. Toiro offered me a piece of fried chicken in exchange. Then she removed a cherry tomato from the salad section of my dish.

I chanted “Itadakimasu” again in my mind and was about to eat the fried chicken that Toiro had given me.

“Whoa, whoa, hold it right there, Masaichi.”

“Toiro!? What was that!”


Suddenly, Sarukaya and Nakasone stopped us, and Toiro and I stopped moving our chopsticks.

“Hmm? It’s nothing, just that…what was that terrifyingly, fast-flowing exchange of side dishes,” said Sarukaya.

“If I hadn’t been so careful, I would’ve missed it,” Nakasone said.

Toiro and I looked at each other.

“It’s simply a standard exchange of side dishes, you know?”

Toiro tilted her head.

“No, that’s true, but without a plan?”

Sarukaya said in surprise.

Nakasone looked at me at Toiro and me as if she was searching for something.

“I mean…you guys look like you have been together for a pretty long time, but…isn’t it too early to start doing this when you just started your relationship?”

Their comments jolted me back to reality. I realized why they were suspicious of me right now.

As usual, we had naturally exchanged our favourite and least favourite side dishes. Of course, I know what the other person likes and dislikes, and since I have been doing this since I was a child, it has become a habit.

Toiro’s favourite food is fried shrimp. Basically, whenever they offer me fried shrimp, even if it’s just one, I give it to Toiro. Toiro usually offers me another side dish in return when I do this, and this time it was fried chicken. Also, I’m not too fond of cherry tomatoes because I don’t enjoy the sensation of the seeds coming out, so Toiro removed them off my plate without my permission.

Such an exchange was going on implicitly and quietly.

However, looking at it objectively, we didn’t look like a couple who just started their relationship. Rather, we looked like childhood friends selfishly going our way \with each other.

――Oh, no, I let my guard down!

――but we’ll fool them anyway!

We talked with our eyes and moved our mouths.

“No, no, I heard you like fried shrimp. So I thought I’d give it to you.”

“Yup, I love fried shrimp. But’s it not healthy to keep having them, so I reasoned that having fried shrimp would be a more consistent option. I also heard you don’t like cherry tomatoes, so I thought I’d share some with you.”

While I was coming up with an excuse, the gazes of two people who had halted their chopsticks from the side pierced me in the face.

“But do you want this? And can I eat it?” said Nakasone.

“We were talking about that when we ordered earlier. I want to eat fried shrimp too.”

“Yup, and those cherry tomatoes in the salad as well.”

We were pretending to be a freshly minted couple. I desperately tried my best to keep that image intact.

“Well, more importantly, fried chicken is the best food, right?”

Toiro began to talk about fried chicken to divert the conversation.

“It can be a main dish for dinner, a pick-me-up, a snack, or a side dish for lunch. You can even eat it on the go. You can make them at home or buy them at supermarkets, convenience stores, or festival stalls, but there are also great speciality stores specializing in this kind of food. Is there any other foods that have been placed in a similar situation?”

“….That’s true! If you ask me!”

Sarukaya let out a surprised voice.

I thought about it for a bit and was surprised on the inside too. It’s true. Fried food is fantastic. I mean, what’s with the trivia stuff?

“It also comes in a variety of flavours! Soy sauce, cheese, and Japanese soup are all options. There are also spicy varieties that I dislike. Lemon and nori are also present…”

Toiro continued on with her story.

I was almost relieved when I realized that Nakasone had no choice but to be distracted by this trivia. Yes, I was almost relieved, but…

“It doesn’t matter. I’ve come here to listen to Masaichi’s and Toiro’s story.”

We were pulled back to the meeting’s primary topic.

“I haven’t heard anything from you, Toiro, so I’m wondering if you’re actually dating Masaichi. What about that part? Are you guys truly close?”

Nakasone, who was eating her ramen, set her chopsticks and spoon down and stared directly at me.

“We’re good friends! You know we’ve been hanging out a lot after school lately, right?”

Toiro answers for me.

“Yes. It’s made our relationship a lot worse, though.”


When Toiro hurriedly put her hands together, Nakasone let out a small chuckle.

“That doesn’t bother me at all. But I still find it unusual, if not suspicious, that you and Masaichi are dating. What kind of meeting did you have in the first place?”

“Well…it’s pretty embarrassing. It’s just a typical encounter, like when you’re on your way to school, and you accidentally bump into someone around the corner. I don’t think it’s anything special to bring up.”

Toiro tilted her head and looked at me. I looked back and nodded my head in agreement.

“There’s nothing to talk about? Not that you can’t or don’t want to talk about it?”

“What are you talking about, Urara. You don’t have to be suspicious. We’re very much in love, right, Masaichi?”

“Ah, ah, ah.”

Because I had been silent for a while, I couldn’t speak well because of the phlegm tangles. I hope they won’t take this as a sign of anxiety.

But it seems like they’re suspecting me of a lot of things.

As far as I could tell in the classroom, Nakasone was Toiro’s closest friend. She may have been able to detect even the slightest discomfort due to their close relationship.

“Yup! So, where will we be playing? My room? Toiro-Chan’s or Masaichi’s room? Two men and women staying under the same roof? Heeee!”

Sarukaya wildly imagined something in his head.

“We usually play in my room. I don’t go to Toiro’s room….so often.”

Ignoring Sarugatani’s excitement, I answered calmly.

We used to play in Toiro’s room, but lately, it’s been all mine. Toiro’s room is filthy, in my opinion. She’s so lazy that she doesn’t bother sweeping, cleaning, or tidying his room, so the floor’s cluttered with junk, and the only section of the flooring visible is where Toiro goes. When I glanced inside her room for the first time in a while the other day, I was startled to discover that a beast trail had been built despite the fact that the room was occupied.

……Well, I’m not going to say anything about it since Toiro seems to like where she lives.

“I’d like to go to Toiro-Chan’s house.”

Sarukaya stated this with a somewhat eager expression on his face.

While I was patient with my words, I would have a hard time saying something so carefree as Sarukaya since we would probably get lost in Toiro’s room.

“In love, huh? Then, let’s see the two of you show me the proof.”

Nakasone said such a thing again.

“Eh, proof?”

When Toiro tilted her head, Nakasone nodded her head in response.

“I’m going to ask you two a question now. If you are a loving couple, you should know each other pretty well, right? We’ll give you plenty of questions, and we’ll judge you based on your answers.”

Something like a couple certification exams was about to start. Sarugatani, too, was ecstatic, stating, “This seems like a lot of fun.”

It’s a great way to find out whether or not I’m really dating Toiro――。

“And the question is….”

Toiro looked at me sideways. I can’t imagine what kind of question could be used as proof that Toiro and I are in love with each other.

――Masaichi, do me a favour, will you?

――No, it’s non-existent tea, anyway, just don’t let it get out of hand.

–I can’t imagine what kind of question it would be.

“Why are you hesitating? Just take the test. You know what they say about eye drops from the second floor.”

And then Nakasone started to challenge us further.

Once again, as we were conversing with our eyes.

Hmm? Eyes drops from the second floor?”

I wondered what she was trying to say. If you were to look closely, you would notice that Toiro and Sarukaya had a somewhat confused expression on their faces.

“Urara-Chan? Can you explain the meaning of….eyes dropping from the second floor? I don’t particularly understand what you mean.” Toiro asked.

“Eh, challenging spirit?”

“……frustrating or annoying but meaningless,” I said.

“Oh, well…let’s do this together then.”

Oh yeah, we’re together (not together).

Nakasone awkwardly averts her eyes to the side. I wonder if this gal is a stupid child.

“And, in any case, you guys don’t have the right to deny or reject. If you decide to run away, I will deem that as being suspicious.”

I managed to regain my composure, and Nakasone looked at us warily as if to challenge us.

It seems that this was the reason why she had asked Toiro to introduce me. If that’s the case, it’s going to be difficult to avoid this quiz time. I had to get myself together and take on the challenge. I couldn’t afford to create any more unnecessary suspicion.

Toiro, who was sitting in front of me, seemed to be thinking the same thing, and we exchanged glances.

With the number of questions, just how long….will the ramen stretch?

“So, for starters. What’s each other’s birthday?”

The couple certification exam began quietly.

“Toiro’s is September 9th.”

“It’s May 1st. Because ‘Masa’ in Masaichi is made up of ‘five’ strokes, and
‘City’ is made up of ‘Ichi’ in a day.”

As expected, they knew each other’s birthdays. Both of them answered immediately.

However, Toiro-san? The origin of my name is complete bullshit. It would be a little sad if they named me something like that. I mean, is that how you remembered my birthday?

“I see—Toiro’s birthday matches. Now, how about…your blood types?”

“Type O.”

“Type A.”

“Yup. Your right, since Toiro, is type “O” just like me. Now then…”

Following that, a few more questions were asked, such as each other’s favourite cuisines, family structure, and other uninteresting topics. I thought they would judge how lovey-dovey we were from the answers to the questions, but it turned out to be a complete quiz to see if we answered correctly or incorrectly.

It was during the eighth question that things started to go wrong.

“When you sleep at night, which side of the bed do you sleep facing each other?”

“Well, that’s a maniacal question all of a sudden.”

I couldn’t help but poke my head in.

Toiro nodded her head in agreement, but Nakasone tilted her head slightly, “Really?” and didn’t seem to be reconsidering her question.

I’m not sure what this is, but it’s a question that digs deep into the realms of privacy. No, I guess it means that if you’re going out with someone, it’s only normal to be aware of how they look in bed.

I remembered Toiro lying on the bed. It’s a scene I see so often that it immediately pops into my mind.

“You’re facing right, Toiro.”

“Masaichi is more likely to be on his back……?”

“Right side up. Yeah, yeah.”

Nakasone nodded and asked the next question.

“So now, when you go into the bathroom, where do you wash first?”

“A bath!? What’s wrong with your questions!?”

This time, Toiro blushed and complained to Urara.

I was about to open my mouth and say, “this is too much,” when,

“Ok, ok, fine. But, you don’t know, do you? Are you even a couple?”

Nakasone had exacerbated the situation so much that it was difficult to flee.

We had had a bath together numerous times while I was in elementary school for my parents’ convenience. Without a doubt…

“Let’s see…it was her arm….yeah, her left arm.”

As I said this, I couldn’t help but imagine the now-grown-up Toiro washing my body, I don’t want to tell anyone, but I’m a little nervous.

“Masaichi, you start from your crotch, right? When I was a little boy, you used to wet your pants a lot, so you were taught to wash from there.”

What the hell are you doing, revealing things they don’t need to know!

“Left-arm, right? I see.”

Nakasone was mumbling about the answer we had given her.

“Even I, Nakasone, doesn’t know the correct answer to this question. It’s a well-kept secret that no one is aware of the bath issue in particular. It won’t operate as a quiz if the questioner doesn’t know the correct answer!”

I couldn’t keep quiet and tried mentioning something that had been bothering me, but Nakanose interrupted me.

“Well, I don’t give a shit about you anymore. I washed Toiro’s arms when we took a bath on a school trip in junior high school. So your right.”

What, am I simply being humiliated? I feel like I’ve just lost a lot of money.

Then, Nakasone continued to say something with an unexpected frown on her face.

“I mean…you two have only recently begun dating…but don’t you think you know a bit too much…?”

What a flip flop…

While I was amazed by what had just transpired, Toiro countered.

“Well, you’re the one who said we should know each other well if we were a couple!”

“Yeah, that’s true. But as I listened, I thought calmly, aren’t you two going too far? Are they already sleeping and bathing together?”

Nakasone’s eyes narrowed in front of me.

Does this mean that Nakasone set me up? Was the fact that the questions were getting more and more personal a part of the plan?


“Are you sure? So you didn’t do it? You didn’t bathe together? You didn’t just make up some random answer between the two of you, did you?”

“Urghh…… that’s not true!”

Toiro slumped but denied it clearly.

“Well…I guess our pace is a little faster than the other couples…”

Toiro seemed to have reopened the conversation and proceeded under the pretence that we had taken a bath together. Her face was flushed, but she scratched her head and said, “I give up.”

Nakasone groaned softly, “Mmm.”

Even in a situation like this, we have the upper hand. As long as one of us does not come clean, the truth about this matter will never come out. Therefore, as long as we both insist on it, Toiro and I are a genuine and honest couple.

“The Toiro I know is popular but has little experience with love and romance. I can’t believe she’s going to go ahead with a guy she’s just met.”

Nakasone is muttering to herself. She’s pretty adamant about getting things going…….

I was wondering whether I should say something to follow up on her comment.

“Well then――”

That’s when the pornographic monkey began to make unwanted noises.

“We’re having dinner right now, so the two of you can afford to have a few ‘Aah’ .”

“What are you talking about? Ahns?”

“Yes. I wanna see Toiro’s ‘Aah’ “

Sarukaya kept repeating this and held out the spoon with which he had been eating the curry.

The “Aah” is the usual thing you say when you want to get your partner to eat something. It should be a standard thing for couples to do.


“Masaichi, this newly released pasta is super delicious. Would you like to try it?”

“No, I can’t take my hands off the controller right now. The enemy is on me the whole time.”

“Hmm? That can’t be helped. Here you go~.”

And several other occasions. We’d done it so many times before without being a couple. It was nothing out of the ordinary for Toiro and me.

So, well, there’s nothing I can’t do.


“Oh yeah…eh?”

When my voice leaked out, Toiro’s did as well.

It’s hard to do this when we’re attracting so much attention from others, but… if this proves that we’re progressing together as a couple, then――。

I made up my mind and nodded to Toiro with my eyes.

“Well, if you’re a couple, you don’t mind indirect kissing, right? Since you already took a bath together, I take it that you’ve already kissed, right? Indeed, since she’s your girlfriend after all.”

–Kissing? Indirect kissing?

I couldn’t help but repeat it in my brain.

True, the act of ‘Aah’ contains an element of indirect kissing. However, as someone who has done it to get the other person to eat something, I was never aware of it.


I wonder if it’s the same for Toiro, as I faintly muttered in my mouth.

Indirect kissing. It suddenly became awkward when I became aware of this, and Toiro and I looked away from each other.

“Oh? Masaichi, Toiro-Chan?”

Sarukaya curiously calls out to us as our face turns a light shade of pink.

“You c-can’t do it? T-then…I will.”

While answering this question, Toiro looked around. I know you can usually do it, but can you do it in front of this many people, Toiro?

“Can you do it? If you can, hurry.”

 This time, however, Nakasone was rushing me. She crossed her arms and took an utterly ready stance. I could sense that she was determined not to go back to eating until it was over.

There is no escape.

Toiro gives me a faintly bitter look. I gave her a slight nod as I looked at her face.

We had no choice but to do it――。

“Well then….”

Toiro nodded once as if she had made up her mind and took up the chopsticks she was using.

“Well, Masaichi, say aah…”

Her chopsticks stretched for me. The deep-fried chicken between the chopstick tips trembled slightly.  From the back of the chopsticks, a pair of bright, dark eyes were staring straight at my face.

My face felt hot.

It was an unavoidable aspect of childhood friendship. I’m not sure why I’m so embarrassed merely because I’m aware of it.

I opened my mouth and took a light bite of the fried chicken. In the blink of an eye, the tip of the chopstick touched my lips. The area under my eyes lit up, and my heartbeat rapidly.

――I had an indirect kiss with Toiro.

“Oh, I love couples. I wish I had a girlfriend. How long have you been nurturing your love for Toiro, Masaichi? I’d love to know more about it sometime.”

When I heard Sarukaya’s voice, I huffed and popped the fried chicken into my mouth. Toiro quickly withdrew her hand. I realized that I was completely immersing myself in that ‘Aah’ moment when I noticed it.

“Heh, heh, how’s that? Does that prove we’re a couple?”

Toiro confidently asked Nakasone. Her cheeks were slightly tinged with a shade of red.

“……Well, at least we know you’re more than friends. I’m…..sorry about everything I’ve put you through”

Nakasone apologized to Toiro and picked up her chopsticks. She was going to start working on the ramen, which was now completely stretched out.

But when I looked at her, I caught a glimpse of her piercing glance. I’m not as skilled as my sister, Rina Hoshino, but it’s a piercing stare you’d expect from a woman.

She will strive to learn more about Toiro because she is a close friend of hers.

Even when I looked away immediately, she continued to stare at me, and I felt like a frog being locked on by a snake while I ate my lunch.

TL notes: Just in case you don’t know what the phrase ‘eye drops from the second floor’

Here’s a brief description: something that cannot be done no matter how hard one tries (and is slightly frustrating because of this); eye drops from the second floor​Idiomatic expression

Also take note on one thing: I made a mistake on one of the side character’s names, so I’m going to change it from

Sarugatani =>> Sarukaya

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7 thoughts on “Hey, Wanna Go Out With Me? My Childhood Friend, A Beautiful Girl, Asked Me To Be Her Boyfriend, And I’ve Started A Camouflage Boyfriend V1: Chapter 5 – Couple Certified Indirect Kiss

  1. This chapter was badly done😔
    It was very creepy, I get love gossip or friend concern but those girls were very nosy and intrusive. It goes beyond the boundaries of love gossip or worry.

    The first half was good though but I was expecting well fleshed our characters but it became something rushed


  2. I can’t believe it took just one character interaction to drop this novel. Damn, been a while since I dislike a character this much. Screw you, Nakasone. Also, with how Toiro’s personality is until now, I don’t get why she’s so popular even outside of school? So many incomprehensible things, but Nakasone takes the cake. In a negative way, of course.


  3. If I had a friend acting like that, I’d say on his/her face “That’s none of your fcking business”. Seriously tho, that conversation is way too unnatural and mental. The Sarukaya guy was oogling his “friend”’s gf, like wtf dude.


  4. so far i’ve never seen main characters in a situation like this shout “NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS”…. might see a couple more chapters to decide whether i should drop this or not…. being led around by someone and being forced to answer super private informations is pathetic


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