A Returnee Classmate, Number One On The List Of People I Want To Kill, Became My Wife: Chapter 6 – Cultural Festival, Happy Wedding And Anal Sex


Kageo went to his aunt’s beauty salon, holding hands with Layla.

He was wondering if it would be crowded since it was Saturday evening, but surprisingly there were no customers, and her aunt was idly smoking a cigarette. 


In the stylish beauty salon, his aunt’s puffed out cigarette smoke and the easy-listening cable-broadcast flowed in a calm rhythm.

“What’s wrong? Making a happy face like that. Are you getting married or something?”

I wonder why everything would end up becoming known to my aunt.

“Yeah. That’s right. I want to marry Layla. Not until I turn eighteen, though”

“Getting married-desu”

“Turning eighteen, it’s already soon, isn’t it”


“What are you gonna do for the ceremony, reception, or honeymoon”

“We won’t have it. We’ll just register name into the family register”

“I approve of it. I’m sure your late parents would be happy too. But you know, what about living expenses? Marriage costs money, you know”

“Until school graduation, I will use the inheritance for living expenses. And I will work after I graduate”

“That won’t do. Go to university. Don’t limit your future options. …Wait here”

His aunt went inside, and came back carrying a file.

“I want to show it only to you, Kageo”


As she flipped the paper with stacks of digits on it, “This is the detail of your parents’ inheritance, consolation money, and insurance payout,” his aunt talked in whisper.

“This much”

His tuition, utilities, mobile phone bills, and living expenses were paid with the periodic transfer from the lawyer. For that reason, he never knew of the total amount, but the money left behind by his parents was a considerable amount.

“If you get married you’ll be an adult, so I’ll terminate the contract with the lawyer, and transfer all of these to you. Don’t waste it, alright? Since you’re a serious guy, I’m sure you’ll do fine”

“Yeah. Thank you, aunty”

“I’m not doing anything, you know? This is something what your parents left behind”

“Aunty, please make me look cool. I want you to make me look fresh and neat. I’m going to Layla’s house to greet them after all”

“Alright, I’ll get you a haircut”

“Right now?”

“Yeah, now. My husband and I will tag along on your greeting tomorrow. Just go make sure to make an appointment”

“Eeehh. Even uncle too. You’re overreacting”

His uncle was a company employee, but he seemed to have a busy job so he didn’t see him much.

“It’s not overreacting. That’s just how marriage greetings are. Not to mention you’re still a minor, Kageo”

“I, going home first-desu”

“Layla, tomorrow, I’m going to come for greeting, so I want you to talk about it to your grandma and mom before hand”


“After cutting your hair, I’ll close the store and we’ll go shopping. I’ll pick out the clothes for you”

“I don’t have that much money, though”

“Don’t worry. It’s a wedding gift. I’ll cover it. Now sit, quickly”

His aunt draped a hair-cutting robe over Kageo’s shoulders.

When he arrived at school, everyone’s voice broke out.

“Yorusaki, so you got a haircut. Aren’t you looking cool!?”

“Eh? Wait, for real? Hey, so you’re a handsome man, huh”

“You looked fresh. And you’ve lost weight. I think you can get into Johnny’s!1

Kageo fiddled with his hair in embarrassment. He himself thought it looked good on him, but the unreserved praises embarrassed him. The reason he felt uncomfortable was probably because he hardly ever experienced being complemented for his appearance.

“You had a fight with Layla?”

“Are you heartbroken?”

I wonder why women think getting a haircut = heartbroken.

“We didn’t fight, really”

“You cut your hair because Layla will be returning back, right? It’s a farewell after all”

“Not returning! Kageo, me, lovey-dovey, lovers-desu”

The classroom door crashed open and Layla came into the classroom while out of breath.

“Layla, Morning”

“Kageo, hair, cool! The best-desu!”

Layla ran up to him, giving him a squeezing hug.

“Layla, your eyes are heart-shaped, you know”

“Geez, they’re really sickeningly sweet couples”

“You’re really making me blush”

“Umm… We have something to tell…”

“We have-desu! Big news-desu!!”

“And what’s the matter? Yorusaki, your face is red, you know?”

“Layla, what are you so excited about? You’re breathing wildly it weird me out”

“We, getting married-desu! Yesterday, dad, mom, grandma, Kageo, aunty, uncle, meet and greet-desu! Happy wedding-desu!”

Layla’s parents and grandmother readily approved it, even though he went for the greeting with do-or-die resolution.

Using Zoom, Layla’s father, who introduced himself through the webcam, was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed American with a face like that of a movie actor.

The two conditions that the Sudou family gave were: “The Sudou family will pay for Layla’s tuition until she graduates from university, even if it takes longer due to pregnancy and childbirth” and “Give birth at her parents’ home.”

If an American wife with a Japanese husband gave birth to a child in her home country, the child would be granted both the American and Japanese citizenship. If it was in Japan, only Japanese citizenship would be given. The purpose was to give the child more future options.

“Eeeeh!? Then, Layla, you aren’t gonna quit school? Are you always gonna be in Japan?”

“I am-desu!!”

“Wait hold on, there’s too much information my brain’s buggy here”

“You’re getting married for real!?”

In the midst of rampant surprised voices, Hatsutori-sensei, their homeroom teacher came in.

“Come on, class is about to start”

“Sensei, Yorusaki and Sudou-san, they said they’re getting married”

“Is it true that Layla’s not going to drop out?”

“It’s true. This morning, I got a call from Sudou’s mother”

“Why now? Can’t you just wait until graduation?”

“It’s visa-related,” Kageo said, and even more questions followed.

“Doesn’t a man have to be eighteen before he can get married!?”

“Yorusaki is almost eighteen, you know,” sensei said.


“Apparently he got into accident when he was a child and was hospitalized for a long time, setting him back a year”

“I see. I didn’t know. Wait, Yorusaki, when’s your birthday?”

“Kageo, birthday, November fifth-desu,” Layla answered.

“Isn’t that the day of the cultural festival”

“You’re right, it’s the festival!”

“Hey, sensei. How are the school rules? Is it okay for fellow students to get married while they’re still in school?”

“It’s fine. Our school doesn’t have a rule against having male-female relationships after all. I’ve also already reported it to the principal”

But, it might become a rumor at school. We have to keep a low profile. I want to hide it if possible.

“Now take your seats. We’re starting class”

Applause echoed.

Kagoe, who had finished singing “Running into the Night,” was relieved.

Despite feeling that he liked to sing and was good at it, it was hard to sing while moving in choreograph.

Just singing on a stage while being watched by the audience was already making him nervous after all.

Ikei’s piano playing was good, Akita’s choreography was impressive, and the whole class came together nicely.

“Looks like a lot of fun, isn’t it”

“The song was so good”

“I was imagining something more plain since it’s called ‘chorus’”

The praises that came from the audience mixed with the applause were pleasant.

Huh? Weird. It should be the last song, but the curtain doesn’t come down.

Sitting in front of the piano, Ikei glanced at everyone. Everyone nodded.

The performance began, but the music was different from the plan.


He looked around in panic but everyone was calm. Layla held back an almost-laugh, and finally she was opening her eyes wide as though making an unconcerned face.

The one who was unrest was only Kageo. This familiar melody was…

Birthday song!

Kageo was pushed out into the center of the stage, and surrounded by everyone

“Eeh? Eeeeh?”

“‘Happy birthday to♪♪♪’”

Overlapping with the call of, “‘Yorusaki,’” Layla’s “Kageeeo!,” could be heard.

Kageo was nothing but surprised.

He just stood there blankly.

“Yorusaki, congratulations on your eighteenth birthday!”

“Eh, eh, eighteen!? He’s a second year, right?”

The audience buzzed.

Kurotaki pushed Layla on the back, urging him to line up beside Kageo.

The piano accompaniment was repeated.

It was the same song but the lyric changed. It was a new lyric.

“‘Happy wedding to Yorusaki & Layla♪ Happy wedding’”

Layla was looking blankly.

She seemed to know they planned to sing a birthday song, but the marriage congratulation song seemed to be a great surprise.

As expected of second year class two. The den of cheery and outgoing people.

It’s one thing if it’s private fun like karaoke, but they’re doing this in a cultural festival presentation, huh.

The song ended.

“Yorusaki turned eighteen today. Sudou and Yorusaki are getting married. Everyone. Please watch over them warmly,” Kurotaki shouted.

“Waah!” and applause echoed, and voices of blessing reverberated.


“Happy wedding!!”

“Amazing. They’re getting married”

“That lovebirds are famous after all”

Everyone was rustling around, trying to take off their outerwear.

Kurotaki gestured to him to take off his blazer. He pulled his sleeves while still not knowing what it was about, and hung it on his arm.

“Everyone, time to throw unifooorms! One, two!!”

Under Kurotaki’s signal, uniforms danced in the air. Kageo also threw his uniform. The stage appeared to be covered in the dark blue of the uniforms.



“Looks nice”

The applause grew louder, and flashes of smartphones enveloped the stage.

They were chasing after the falling uniforms, and the curtain fell.

“Which uniform is mine”

“Oh, no! Don’t step on it!”

“Everyone come off the stage, there’s still the next presentation. We’re over the time limit”

“Ah geez, everyone grab your uniform and get out”

Leaving the gymnasium from the backstage with a big fuss, they tracked down their uniform and put it on.

“Thank you everyone!”

Kageo made a bow to everyone.

“Yorusaki, sorry for doing something so flashy. But you know, I figured if it was out in the open, no one would start a rumor,” Kurotaki said.

As expected of a cheery person. A positive way of thinking. No gloomy person would think of that. All Kageo could think about was hiding it.

“Wish you all the best!”

His back was being patted.

“Yeah. Thanks”

He was so happy and embarrassed, he almost cried.

They would only have their names registered, and no honeymoon nor marriage ceremony, but he felt like he had been given a wedding reception.

“I had a feeling you would hate it, though…”

“I don’t hate it. Really, thank you”

Afterwards, Kageo was rumored to be a reformed delinquent who made his high school reverse debut and the plain guy with high stealth ability was his temporary form, and he ended up being held in high esteem, but that was a different story.

“You know, our class, I used to hate it”

Kageo was having a talk with Layla.

The closing event was currently in full swing, and everyone was happily doing folk dance.

“I know-desu!”

Layla, standing next to him, broadly nodded.

“Rather than calling it hating the class, it was maybe hating people. Because I repeated, I just kinda couldn’t get the rhythm right”

Kageo’s misanthropy began when he entered middle school a year late, after his longtime hospitalization.

He was bewildered by the fact that his topic of conversation did not match with his classmates. From then on, he was always without friends, and spending time as somewhat of an outcast.

Layla changed Kageo. She taught him that humans weren’t that bad.

“I don’t understand-desu. Kageo human, everyone human, why hate?”

“You’re right. I think I was looking backwards”

“Looking forwards-desu,” Layla said with question marks all over her face.

“Ahaha. Guess so. Wanna go dance one more time?”

“No-desu. Folk dance, partner change-desu. America, prom, no change-desu. I, love Kageo. Kageo, together, don’t want partner change-desu”

Layla grabbed his hand. As he was squeezing her hands in lover’s bonds, fingers interlocked, he started to desire her.

That also seemed to be the same for Layla, “Fuuhh,” she let out a hot sigh and lowered her eyes. The corners of her eyes were tinted red and it was hot.

“Town hall-desu. Go home-desu! Deliver wedding license-desu”

“Yeah. You’re right. I guess I’ll be fine if I don’t stay until the end since I’m not in the executive committee”

Turning his back on everyone enjoying themselves in folk dance, he carried his student bag on his shoulder and left school with her.

The evening sun was so dazzling it hurt his eyes. Layla’s blonde hair was shined by the evening sun and glittered beautifully. Bob haircut also suits her, but I bet she would look even more beautiful with long hair.

“Do you like short hair?”

“I like it-desu. I like long better-desu”

“Then, your hair, won’t you grow it? I think it’s waste, cutting it off out of spite and keeping it as is”

“‘Out oof spite’?”

“It means to take out your frustration”

“Japanese difficult-desu”

After checking the time on his phone, “In time-desu?,” Layla asked.

“Yeah. Today’s an extended service day, and it’s a-OK until 6:30”

They went to his house once, and went to the town hall with the marriage registration that was left on the altar.

The town hall was empty.

His heart was pounding, but as it was also evening, they almost didn’t have to wait to be accepted.

“Congratulations on your marriage. Here is a congratulatory gift”

It was an album. There was the city’s mark on the front cover.

I got married…

The surrounding scenery felt like suddenly becoming brighter.

“Thank you very much”

He returned to the Yorusaki house in a bright mood.

His parents’ bedroom had been turned into Layla’s room, and the cleaning had also already been done.

In a house where he had been alone for a long time, his wife would live with him.

“What about dinner-desu?”

“Somehow my chest is overflowing I can’t eat”

“Chest is overflowing?”

“I’m deeply emotionally moved, is the meaning. Best regards, my wife”

“Best regards-desu. My honey

They entered the house and headed to his room.

Layla went to hug him tightly and nuzzled her cheek on him sweetly. Kageo patted the back of her head.

“I love you-desu”

“I will do my best to study English”

I have to improve my English skills to the point where I’m comfortable with daily conversations. So that I won’t have any trouble when I go to America.

“I, will work hard on Japanese. …What to do? Blowjob, boobjob, handjob, feetjobashizuri

“Give me footjobashikoki


“It’s holding a cock with the bottom of your feet and rubbing it. …Ah, u-umm, it’s fine if you don’t want to…”

“Feetjob-desuashizuri? Okay-aruyoo”

“Ahaha. Layla, you’re saying that on purpose, right?”


She-who-is-sticking-out-her-tongue-smiling is cute.

Layla took off her socks and got to the bed.

Layla completely had no idea whether a feetjob would feel good but she would do it if that was what he wanted.

It was hard to sit seiza-style so she sat cross legged and he sat down facing her, taking out his penis.

It was practically still not erect, and was limp.



The soles of her feet came together like a joined palm at the center of his cock. His penis fit right into the arch of the feet.


He groaned.

It was an embarrassing posture since her legs opened like “◇”. Layla pulled the hem of her skirt to fix it and hide her crotch.

“Feetjob, feels good-desu?”

“Yeah, it feels crazy good… Uwh…”

His penis began to swell and grow.

The feeling of his hot penis throbbing as she was rubbing it with her soles was mysterious.

It was ticklish but felt good.

Me too, good-desu…”

“Eh? Giving a footjob, it feels good?”

Kageo raised a surprised voice so Layla was displeased.

It was Kageo who told her to do it, yet he said it as if he judged Layal to be indecent.


She involuntarily put strength into her feet.


Kageo groaned.

Her feet soles were warm, smooth, soft, yet hard. It was like boobjob, but the sensation was more acute. She, a half, had soft feet soles. I wonder if it was because our lifestyles were different.

“Ahh, aahh”

“Feels good-desu?”

“Soooo good. How about you?”

“It’s throbbing… Haahh… Ticklish-desu”

Feet soles were a sensitive spot. You wouldn’t feel anything if you were to tickle your palm, but the soles would make you laugh.

It seemed a footjob wouldn’t feel good just for men, but also for women.

“Nn, nnn, difficult-desu”

She, who was trying her best to give a footjob, was sexy.

Her lower limbs were like “◇”. She had her hands behind her back, exposing her white chin. She was in a pose with her breasts pushed out, so he could tell the puffy nipples through the cloth.

“Hahh, hot, hot-desu…”

Her soles were getting wet with sweat, and it seemed to be stuck to the cock.

Each time she moved her soles in tiny movements, her uniform pleated skirt lifted up, exposing her white thighs. Through the shadow of her skirt, he could see the double layer of cloth that wrapped around her crotch.

The ellipse stain rising in the center of her panties grew larger and larger.

Fresh sweat, love juice, and body odor were mixed, making the smell of no-bake cheesecake.

What was the sexiest of all was her intoxicated, melting face.

“Looking, what-desu? …Ah!”

Layla looked at her own crotch, and quickly held down the front of her skirt.

The moment he thought that her bashful state was cute, he was hit by a sudden desire to ejaculate. It was because the flustered her tightly pressed his cock.



Ejaculation began before he could give a warning.

Layla’s eyes opened wide in surprise as she was watching his penis. Perhaps because of strength put into her feet, the feeling of pressure was strong and the ejaculation became more intense.

Sploot, sploort, pew!

Kageo quickly put on a handkerchief to keep the semen from falling. The washing would be hard if the sheet got dirty after all.

At the moment of ejaculation, he was soaked in the pleasure like flying up high on a high-speed elevator.

The waste that had been accumulated inside his body was being expelled together with the semen. He felt like that.

The ejaculation had settled down, but his penis still hadn’t lost its strength.

He got off the bed briefly to wipe his penis with a handkerchief, and Layla lay on her back on the bed and spread her arms as if to say, “Come.”

“Kageeo! Kamooon!”

“Ahaha. The heck kamon”

Kageo laughed as he undressed.

Layla recently had been using forced English and weird Japanese to make him laugh. It seemed to hide her embarrassment.

“I’ll take it”

He put his hands into her skirt and pulled down her panties.

The fabric turned inside out, exposing the sticky wet inside of the double layer cloth and the slit. A nectar thread was connecting her labia minora and the inside of her panties. Her clitoris was already erect, exposing its pearly pink center. The foreskin was wrapped around the base, looking like a fake phimosis glans.

Maybe it’s like a girl’s cock.

As he was gazing at it, Laya lifted her hips.


“Got it”

He pulled down her panties down to her thighs, kneecaps, calfs, ankles, and then pulled them off her ankles.

When he tried to spread her legs, Layla became shy and lay down on her face.

When he saw her asshole, a desire to tease came into him.

“Can we have anal sex?”


“It’s, doing it with the asshole”

“Eh, eeeh, eeeeeh!?”

“I mean, you can’t get pregnant yet, right?”

“Ye-yes-desu. But no-desu. Don’t want-desu!”

“Alright. I won’t do it. Let’s do it normally”

Kageo draped himself over her back.

With his erect penis, he felt around her slit.

Layla lifted her own hips, trying to make receiving it easier.



His glans contacted her vaginal opening, and was sinking in while making “slrrch slrrch” sound.

“Aahh, It’s going in-desu… Haahhh… So good-desu…”

She sounded like she just entered a bath.

The feeling of her womb being squashed when on missionary position as well as the feeling of sticking close to him was good, but the forced feeling of the doggy style was also nice. It was because for Layla, who had M tendency, the feeling of being done to one’s heart content by the lover whom she could trust brought upon an excitement that would make the deepest part of her stomach squirm.

The hot, hard, and soft penis went up to the base, and his cool balls were against her secret lips.

The feeling of his pubes brushing against her anus was also pleasant.

In the asshole, sex…

The depth of her stomach squirmed. I wonder what it feels like. I wonder if the feeling of being forced is stronger than a spanking or electric massager.

“Anal sex, will do-desu!”

“Are you sure?”


If it was in the asshole, they could get intimate even on unsafe days. It would be better to not get pregnant until their graduation after all.

“Let’s see, then, u-umm, I’ll try. Err, first I’m sure we have to expand it first. It’s so tight after all…”

His finger went into her asshole.


“Fine, desu”

It doesn’t hurt. But, it doesn’t feel good either.

His finger kept moving in and out around the entrance. It was like he was trying to loosen the wrinkled folds of her anus, and it was itchy and uncomfortable.

Just as it would feel good when it was deep with the vagina, it must feel good too when put in deep.

“Do with a swoosh-desu!”

“Uwh, al-alright. I wonder if it’s better if I pull out my cock…”

Kageo hesitated.

Because he was inserting it into her vagina, her asshole was squashed, becoming cramped. Though he could push the entrance with his finger to loosen it, it was difficult to get his finger inside.

“Don’t pull out-desu, I like cock-desu!”

Kageo resolutely pushed his finger.


The feeling was completely different from before. It was smooth and slippery, not bumpy like a vagina, but it was very tight.


Her vaginal folds were tightening, squeezing hard on his penis.


Layla grabbed the bed sheet and was shaking.

“Sickening-desu… Uh, uwwh, uuwwh”

Her white ass was covered in sweat, turning cold. Seemed like it was unpleasant, making her get goosebumps.

Kageo pulled out his penis from her vagina.

Layla leaked out a disappointed and relieved sigh.

He put two fingers into her anus and started sliding them in and out.

The tightly closed anus was starting to softly loosen up.

“Uuwh, unpleasant… Painful… Aahh”

“Should we stop?”

“Don’t stop! Continuing fine”


This was not something he wanted to make her suffer through. He just wanted to have a good time with her. However, his naughty curiosity and the bright pink of the inside of her asshole overwhelmed him, making him unable to stop his hand.

This deep red-pink mucous membrane could only be seen by Kageo.

“Hahh, haahh hahh… Qu-quickly, put it in-desu…”

Layla begged while drenched in cold sweat.

“Isn’t it painful? Is it okay?”

“Okay yes fine. Finger painful no. I feel cock-aruyo”

It is painful because it’s being forcefully expanded with fingers. I should be able to feel if it’s penis.


Kageo pushed the glans on her asshole while laughing.

Finally, I want to give you all of me.


She felt something hard prying it open, and the rigid force pushed its way in.

“Ah, aahh, ahh”

Layla screamed, her back shuddering.

It was painful, hard, agonizing, and it didn’t feel good at all. The burden was too intense compared to the ease of feetjob.

“Go deeper-desu”

I want this to end quickly. She begged with that one thought.

The penis was invading while making a creaking sound.

Since the rectum mucous membrane didn’t have a dead end called the womb, it went in endlessly.

“It’s in”


Layla choked up.

Unlike normal sex, anal sex only felt unpleasant. Her stomach was skewered, and the feeling of pressure, expansion, and then inflation was terrible. Her rectum walls were stinging and hot.

Most agonizing of all was the intense urge to defecate. Even nausea crept up on her.

It was like her butt about to split.

“Uuwwh… Hahh hahh… hahh, haahh… Pa-painful. Quit-desu”

“Sorry. I’ll stop”

His penis was retreating back. In that moment, the pain turned into pleasure, and the feeling of inflation into a refreshing feeling. It was like relieving herself in the toilet.

“Goooooood, I feel it-desu”

She felt a surge. Out of nowhere. She couldn’t believe how fast she climaxed.


Kageo was confused.

Until earlier she was suffering in pain, and yet now she was unbelievably writhing in pleasure.



Kageo gently shoved his penis. In the valley of the mountain of white butt, his penis sunk into the anus spread to the limit.

The rectum mucous membrane was smooth, elastic, and shivering, feeling like fruity gummies. It was tightening harder than vagina, boobjob, and footjob.

“Aahhh, gooood, I feel it-desu”

Layla was feeling it all over again.

He was thinking anal sex was a simple pleasure in spite of its being tightness, and that he would prefer normal sex, but if she was this pleasured with it, then there was worth in doing it.

I’m kind of, amazing, aren’t I?

Kageo’s beloved wife was feeling it so much from Kageo’s actions. That made him happy.

The bed made creaking sounds, and Layla coquettish voices piled on top.

“Good, so good-desu… Ahh, ahh, Kageo! I feel it-desu”

Schlop, schlop schlupschlup.

Each time he rhythmed, the combined parts would make a slippery sound.

“Aaaahh, ahh, aaahh, feel good! Good-desu!! …Hiahh! Aaahhh”

Layla was so aroused that she felt she could cum at any moment now.

No, she seemed to be having a repetition of small climaxes, tightening up and losing up with each in and out.

Kageo, who had ejaculated once with the footjob, had a leeway. He wrapped his hands around her front, wanting to pleasure her more. She was still in her uniform, but he massaged her boobs through her clothes, and played with her clit and vagina with his fingers.

“Ahh, aaaahhh, aahh. No, no-desu… Nnnnn”

Layla writhed.

Normal sex was stairs, but anal sex was an elevator.

The pleasure of the womb was like climbing up a stairs one step at a time, but anal sex was a giant leap up to the top.

She repeatedly climaxed and regained her shaken consciousness.

“Uuwwh, it’s sooo tight”

Despite in the throes of raging high, having her breasts and secret parts played as well was out of this world.

What gave her the most trouble was the surging that had stopped coming.

She wondered if it was because she wasn’t able to immerse in the pleasure of her ass, having her attention split into her breasts, clit, and vagina.

“Nonononono. Let out-desu. Semen please-desu!!”

Layla screamed frantically.

I want to immerse myself in the pleasure of my butt.

I want to savor the pleasure of being blown away and rendered fuzzy.

I want to catch his semen.

“Uwwh, Okay”

Kageo’s hands held her hips.

Smack! Schlop, schlup!!

He pulled in and out with a large stroke. His lower abdomen hit her ass, making a smacking sound.

“Uwwh, uuwwh. Amazing. Hot”

There was none of the pain nor the urge to defecate she had felt each time of insertion, it was just only sweet intoxication.

The pleasure was different from normal sex.

This is unbearable. It feels so good I’m going weird…

And yet, she felt wanting for more and more.

“More-desu Want it-desu! Aaaahhh, good-desu!! I feel it-desu!”

Sparks flashed and crackled in her brain. The fireworks went off in a big mass.


Layla trembled all over, arching her back and enduring it. The intensity was like a skyrocket firework. That intensity, so strong to the point she thought her climaxes so far were just toy fireworks, swept away Layla’s consciousness like a being blasted by a bomb..

Kageo screamed.


The crude rubber-like rectum mucous membrane tightened so hard.

It clamped his penis so hard it hurt.

“Uwwh, it-it’s coming”

The semen was sucked out.


Anal creampie seemed to be painful. He felt like he needed to pull out, but the mucous membrane was so tightly wrapped around it that he couldn’t move it.

“Aahh. Hot, it’s coming in-desu!!”

Layla shuddered and shuddered.

Since she was still in her uniform, he could only see the back of her blazer, her nape, and her earlobes, even so, the fingers gripping the bed sheet turning white were hot.

He surrendered to the pleasant sensation of having the core of his head dazed at the moment of ejaculation.

When he pulled out his penis, Layla’s hips plopped down.

With her anus still gaping wide, white semen oozed and spilled out.

Apparently different from vagina, the rectum mucous membrane wouldn’t suck up the semen.

She was still neatly wearing her uniform, and yet there was something licentious and cute about her as she was only without panties and socks, leaving her butt fully exposed and spilling Kageo’s semen from her anus.

As he was dressing up after wiping his penis with a wet wipe, Layla wriggled out of the bed.

He threw a bottle of wet wipes to Layla.

He was dressing up while enjoying the after-sex somewhat awkward and embarrassing sweet atmosphere.


Layla stretched her body like a cat.

She cheerfully put on an apron over her uniform.

“I, will, make meal-desu! Kageo laundry cleaning will do-desu”

Indeed. Their lives started today. The life of Yorusaki Kageo and Yorusaki Layla. Layla would live in this house.

“I love you. My wife”

“Love you-desu. My honey

Kageo hugged Layla and kissed her.

TL notes:

^1. Johnny & Associates is a Japanese talent agency, formed by Johnny Kitagawa in 1962, which trains and promotes groups of male entertainers known as Johnny’s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnny_%26_Associates

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