The Troublesome 7 Days Of My Future Wife Who Is Too Kuudere First Step: Third Day


A little before four o’clock, I woke up to the smell of miso soup boiling.

“Good morning. It’s just leftover from yesterday, you’re fine with it, right?”


Fine or not, I would only eat when I felt like it.

So when it was lined up on the low dining table after I went to the toilet to shave my beard, I felt nothing but eating.

“Please eat a lot and do your best at work!”


I received a bowl with a mountain of rice in it.

“Ah, today I’ll be home earlier than yesterday, so…”

So what to do? There’s also that, though.

“Yes, I understand”

Mayu nodded with a small smile.

Just what are you to me.

Rather, what am I gonna do with a runaway girl?

Makes me feel uneasy, I can’t calm down, and it’s troublesome.

“Take care”

I left the apartment, seen off by Mayu who was bowing very deeply.

This is gonna go on for five more days, huh. It’ll be fine once I get used to it, or so I thought but I don’t think I will.

Just why did I pick up a runaway girl, I wonder.

I shouldn’t have called out to her at that time.

Like it’s been so far, I should’ve just kept socializing to the bare minimum just to keep on living without getting deeply involved with anyone.

Why did I call out to Mayu?

Even without thinking about it, I knew it best and I didn’t want to think about it.

It’s one week, one week. To be exact, five days, including today.

After five days, just like before, I’ll be back to the troublesome life I had without worrying about anyone else.

If she doesn’t seem like she’s gonna leave, I can just kick her out next time.


I finished my part-time job in the morning and returned to my apartment.

And I could see laundry fluttering from the room’s window again. That girl, she’s doing laundry again, huh. Is there that much to do, I wonder.  I guess there’s probably a lot. Trying not to look as much as possible, I walked up the stairs of the apartment and opened the door.

“Welcome home, my, dear”

On the other side of the door was Mayu in her apron. Correction, Mayu with nothing but an apron.


I reflexively closed the door.

Wh-what the heck was that…

“Geez, did you maybe forget something, dear? Early from work”

“Don’t come out looking like that! I’m coming in, okay!? I’m coming in!”

Since she opened the door and tried to come out so composedly, I pushed Mayu’s shoulder and drove her into the room.

“Even though I was taking the trouble to get out of a rut…”

“We’ve only met for three days, so what’s there to get stuck in a rut? Now just put some clothes on”

“I would like to, but my clothes right now are drying outside. No, if you want to enjoy the wet clothes sticking to my skin I’ll wear them, however. Ah, don’t worry, I made sure to conceal them with a towel and hang them to dry”

I’m getting a headache.

“…Wear this”

While pressing my forehead, I took out some random pair of pants and a long-sleeved shirt and handed them to Mayu.

“The size is big”

“Yeah, that’s obvious”

“I see, boyfriend shirt1

“Say what you want”

I thought she was a prim and proper young lady at first, but just what’s with this character.

“Speaking of which, your underwear?”

“It’s being dried together. I think it’ll be dry soon, though”

“The one you wore from the start, huh… Guess we’ll have to buy some”

I’m not really sure, but I wonder if there are any sanitary products.

“I’ll give you the money, so go buy it”

“Are you sure? It’s going for a girl who’s going to leave anyway, you know?”

“Even if I have money, I’m not gonna use it on anything good anyway, alright”

If Mayu is really gonna be here for a week, then underwear is a lot cheaper than the food expenses I usually spend. Absolutely won’t say it, though.

And then I realized something as I was about to pull some money out of my wallet.

“…Oh yeah, I’m also out of cigarettes. Guess we’ll have to go together then”

“It’s so exciting to walk together without underwear, isn’t it”

“Put on your underwear. Even if it’s still not dry”

“…That’s tyranny…”


We went outside to go to a supermarket.

With the shirt sleeves and jeans legs folded heavily, Mayu was walking next to me while humming happily.

Some passersby cast us inquisitive glances. She gives off an “I’m indeed wearing the clothes of the man next to me” impression after all, huh.

But I was too busy trying to fend off Mayu’s attempts to wrap her arms around mine, so I could only give back a sharp look.

When I was about to go to the supermarket in front of the station, she pulled my arm really hard.

“Ar-are we going to the front of that station? I went to the store that way yesterday, and their vegetables are cheaper too, you know?” Mayu said while pointing in the opposite direction of the station.

There’s certainly a supermarket over there, too. Don’t know whether the vegetables are cheaper since I don’t usually go there.

“You know there’s no underwear over there”


She’s clearly flustered. Like she doesn’t want to go in front of the station…

…Ah, I see.

So she lived over there, huh.

She had nothing but a cardboard sign. Which means she can’t go far away without money. Of course, even taking the train or a taxi.

While pretending not to notice it, I headed for the one in front of the station.

Mayu walked in silence while lightly pinching my sleeve. Her face was always looking down on the black asphalt. It seemed as if the way she acted until earlier was a lie.

“Look, we’re here”

“Y-yes, looks like we are”

When we arrived in front of the supermarket, she didn’t raise her face until I called out to her.

But perhaps she was actually used to going there, Mayu headed straight for the underwear section with no hesitation. I handed her my wallet, and she grabbed it without even looking at what was in the trolley, went to the cashier, and came back to me.

“You sure you’re fine with this?”

“Yes, it’s fine. Or maybe something like black lace was to your preference?”

“Not really. Now let’s go buy food”

I basically never bought anything like vegetables in this supermarket so I left everything to Mayu. Mayu swiftly tossed the food into the basket and finished the shopping within 10 minutes. And yet it didn’t even go beyond the 2,000 yen that I had taken out.

I’ve no complaints in particular.

I’ve no complaints in particular, alright.

It’s boring since I’m expecting something to happen but it doesn’t.

After quickly stuffing the bought things into the bag, Mayu faced me, “Katsuki-san, let’s quickly go back,” and called out to me.


Mayu was walking quickly towards the exit, and I hurriedly chased after her.

However, Mayu’s feet suddenly stopped in their tracks.

And she obviously was trying to not look in one direction.

Finally, her acquaintance’s entry, huh. If possible, I would like to call out to them and hand her directly over to her family.

However, no one had approached Mayu no matter how much time passed.

But one, just one.

Just like Mayu, there was one person who was trying not to look in the direction Mayu was in. A woman of unknown age, looking both young and old, wearing a plain cardigan and skirt.

I could tell just by looking at her what kind of relationship she had with Mayu. Especially since both of them were making the same movement.

Without looking over here, the woman disappeared into the interior of the supermarket.

“That person…”

“My mother”


I knew it.

“She looks like a kind person, isn’t she”

“She is kind. No, she’s a pitiful person who convinces herself that others will hate her if she’s not kind to them. Despite knowing she’s being used, she listens and follows what others say. That kind of person. …That’s right, the kind of person who would foolishly come to her daughter for advice if her lover told her to give him her own daughter’s body,” Mayu replied, without even raising her face.


I remembered the talk about how there was probably no report for a missing person.

And then the figure with a cardboard sign written with “Please pick me up” hanging down as well.

Mayu turned to me and smiled cheerfully like usual.

“Got you, it’s all a lie. The person earlier was just a housewife passing by. I’m a homeless girl who’s a bit of a fantasist. How was it, it was interesting, right?”


Do you want me to say it was interesting?

Or maybe it was boring.

While I was unsure what kind of reply to give, we went back to the apartment.

Yeah, it really is troublesome.


After we returned, Mayu immediately went to stand in the kitchen.

The way she moved the knife in silence without even humming a song was a little scary.

And then today’s lunch was lined up in a flash. Chicken cutlet, salad, miso soup, and rolled egg. Like some kind of set meal.

After sitting down in front of the low dining table, Mayu finally opened her mouth.

“…Katsuki-san, you deliberately went to the front of the station, right?”

“Uhuh, what are you talking about? Let’s eat quickly or it’ll get cold”

I picked up the chicken cutlet cut into bite-sized pieces and brought it into my mouth. Deep-fried food sure is the tastiest when just made. Hot, though.

“Because of you I was hurt. I don’t think I’ll be able to recover if I don’t get some comforting“

I put a rolled egg on my plate onto one plate across.

“That’s not what I meant”

I tried to put another one in.

“That’s not what I meant, okay?”

“What, you still want more? You sure are selfish”


Perhaps in a fit of desperation, all of my rolled eggs ended up taken. Even though I hadn’t even taken a bite of it.

“So what should I do then? I won’t give you other stuff, okay?”

“It’s different. How about showing it through action?”

“The action is?”

Just what should I do? Maybe the chicken cutlet. As expected, that really is.

“Like kissing, maybe kissing, and kissing. Okay, let’s kiss, let’s kiss, let’s kiss”

She sounded like clapping to the beat.

“What an unsexy way to beg…”

“C’mon, let’s smoochie~! If you are a man”

“Shut up. Just keep shut and take this”

I didn’t want to have her talk anymore, so I went to actually kiss her.

She left her mouth open, so I slipped my tongue in while I was at it. The inner part of Mayu that I touched for the first time. The feel of the mucous membrane of her mouth was slippery and pleasant. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I intertwined my tongue with her and lightly nibbled the flesh of her cheek.

I’m sure she doesn’t know how to handle this anyway.

And yet Mayu was trying her best to respond similarly, trying to entwine her tongue with mine, and lightly nibbling my tongue.

While even forgetting to breathe, we indulged in each other for a while and then pulled apart.

As soon as we pulled away, we both turned to look the other way.

“…You stink of cigarettes, gross…”

“Even I could taste nothing but the rolled egg here. I want my many of romance back, you little”

“What do you mean by romance. Is it boobs? Are you talking about boobs? There were a lot of huge breast one, wasn’t there? Do you really romanticize lumps of fat that much?”

“Huuh? Why are you suddenly talking about tha… Wait you saw it, didn’t you!? You really read someone’s book as you please!”

Even though I had forgotten about its existence since it was buried under the mountain of trash and its whereabouts became unknown.

“Weren’t you the one who said I could use any of the stuff in this room? Aah, so Katsuki-san, you’re not laying your hand on me because all you have is knowledge from that kind of book, right? You virgin”

“Shut up, don’t be so presumptuous, virgin”

“Then please give me some proof. That you aren’t a virgin. Right now. C’mon. Please show me how experienced you are, virgin”

“Then I’ll show you since you insist that much”

I grabbed Mayu’s shoulders and pushed her down on the sofa bed that was kept open. Creak, the pipe inside screamed.

There was no resistance.

The black eyes staring straight at me didn’t glare, they were just staring at me.

“…What’s the matter, you’re going to prove it, right?”

“Well… I mean, why did you make such a lame provocation?”

I somehow pushed her down with gusto, but I didn’t have the motivation to continue.

There was also the stubbornness of mine that kept repelling Mayu’s own invitation. I also knew that if I got deeply involved with her, it would be even more troublesome.

I wanted to ask, even if the reason was no more than just it was troublesome.

“I was told that If you’re not related by blood, you can become family if you connect your bodies,” Mayu muttered.

“If the only way to become a family is by connecting our bodies, then I want to choose my own family. That’s how I felt. Is it not good?”

“If you want to choose it yourself, then don’t do that kinda thing in front of a convenience store”

“I really didn’t care who it would’ve been at that time. I was thinking that if I wasn’t a virgin anymore, then that person might not be interested anymore. But right now is”

“Right now is?”

“…Who knows?”

Since she didn’t seem likely to answer, I lightly kissed her again.

If you want to choose, then I will let you choose.

It will be troublesome?

Don’t care.

As I touched Mayu’s body over the shirt, “…Umm,” Mayu called out quietly to me.

“What now. I’m not gonna stop at this late”

“The window and the curtain… Please at least close it”

“…What a selfish girl”

But just as I was told, I got up and closed the curtain and the window. Since it was an opaque curtain, I wouldn’t say it became as dark as night when closed, but it was fairly dark. Since it was still hot, I didn’t forget to turn on the AC. But it was an old one, so I couldn’t hope for it to work.

Inside the dim light, Mayu was lying on her back on the sofa bed. The loose-fitting shirt flipped up, revealing her white waist.

Like being absorbed, I slipped my hand in, and the tip of my fingernail touched the slightly hardened tip of her breasts.


“Hey, your bra…”

“I mean, isn’t it uncomfortable wearing it wet?”

I didn’t notice it at all.

The thing about being braless is that it seems to tell more of the shape of the breasts

“…You are, right… You poor thing”

“Why are you pitying me!? Please take it back!”

I wonder if she’s not wearing the bottom one either.

I reached my hand into the pants and touched the fabric, which was damp but warm to the touch. This is definitely uncomfortable.

“Amazing… It’s wet just like after washing. Even though we’ve only kissed”

“That’s really the case, and not ‘just like,’ right?”

“Oh really?”

I inserted my hand further into the shirt, still inside, and pressed down on her small breast. Everything could be covered with the palm of a hand, perhaps I should say as expected. Even just by touching, her skin was sticking moist to me and I ended up thinking something irrelevant,  aah, a girl is so smooth like this, huh. When I put a little more force, squeeze, I could feel the squeezing of something warm and soft.


I just squeezed it softly instead of rubbing it, but Mayu clenched her fingers tightly and bit her lips to keep her voice from spilling out.

It’s kind of boring.

I grabbed her chest bump, squeezing and rubbing it to my heart’s content.

“Hya, nnnn”

Mayu reacted by jerking up her white waist. I was feeling up the lump of flesh with my fingers as I watched that reaction.

“Ah, ah, ah, fuahh uwwh…”

Every time I stimulated her, a perplexed voice spilled out from Mayu’s lips.

To what she’s perplexed? Is it the unknown sensation running through her body, or the fact I’m touching her?

She got a breast with modest elasticity when touched. While squeezing that flesh with my palm, I rolled the nipple with my fingers. I was worried that if I put too much pressure on it, it would break, but the more I stimulated it, the more stiff it became.

I then went on to dig the tip of my fingernail into the crown of her breast flesh strongly.

“Fuahh, b-be. …Nnn, more, hyah, gentle, pleas”

“I might do it appropriately”

“Why, why that ambiguous-like, nnn!”

This is fun.

It’s fun, even if I usually feel like I’m being pushed around.

I squeezed the swelling on her chest with the entirety of my palm like kneading. I thought I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the feeling since she was so small, but it was the opposite. The genuine softness of a girl’s body, and then the changing shape of the elastic mass that I could feel was interesting.

Above all else.

“Nn, nn…… hahh. …Auh…”

Mayu, who would usually speak of troublesome things, was spilling hot breaths, leaking sweet voices, and with tears accumulating in her eyes, looking at me with dazed eyes. And it…

Feels good.

“Umm… Why so much on my breasts…”

“I’m just thinking it might grow”

“If it’d suddenly grow up by rubbing it I wouldn’t be so concerned…”

Mayu had a somewhat distant look in her eyes.

“…You must’ve really been concerned, huh… You poor thing…”

“Like I said, please don’t pity me!”


I tried to say something back, but it became troublesome.

Right now it’s more important than that. I want to see more of her.

I unzipped the pants Mayu was wearing, and inserted my hand more deeply than before.


“You’re wet, you know?”

“…It’s right after washing after all”

“Are you sure?”

No matter what was said, the moisture touching my middle and index finger was different from the rest. I gently traced the crack of flesh in her crotch area that somewhat resembled the swelling of a breast.

“Ahh… Auh…”

I dug the joints of my middle finger in and rubbed it over the fabric.

“Nnn, ahh”

Mayu’s waist jerked up. I felt the quantity of juice leaking from within the underwear also seemed to have increased. I felt the heat more than anything else. The heat within the dampness that seemed like I could smell at any moment.


“What, is that ’uhuh’ for”

“It’s nothing”

It’s looking good, I thought.

It would be troublesome if I had said it so I wouldn’t.

I continued to rub the shallow trench like I was combing it, and pushed hard into the sensitive flesh over the fabric.

“Nn, aaahhh… Hahh…”

Despite her inner thighs shaking with tension and nervousness, her hips were rising up and the center of her flower was strongly rubbing against my finger. Perhaps Mayu wasn’t conscious of it.

When I traced the shallow trench upward, the shaking of her flesh seemed to increase. I pressed the tip of her crack like squashing it.

“Hiih, nnn! …Fuaahh…”

I rolled my fingers over the flesh, which had become so stiff that I could tell even over the fabric. The quantity of nectar soaking the fabric increased plentifully.

“And you were just done washing it, too”

“It-it’s because you’re touching it as is!”

“Eh, did you want me to touch you directly?”

I slipped my hand into her panties. I could feel the heat and dampness more, perhaps because I was touching it directly. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’d burn, but I would say the heat seemed to make my heart beat faster. The wet flesh was directly touched by my fingertips.

“Don! Not… There… Fuaaahh”

Mayu reacted much more strongly than before. “Hahh, hahh,” while breathing roughly, she was clutching a towel blanket that had fallen by the sofa bed.

But she seems to have room for more.

I creeped my finger further into the crack, and the twitching mucous membrane touched the tip of my finger. So I inserted it more and rubbed my finger against it.

“…Hyah… Nnn”

Mayu was enduring it, closing her eyes tightly.

Each time I bent my finger joints inside the wet flesh, or pressed the bent joints against it, Mayu’s hips would jerk up a little, and the secret flesh and nectar would stickily coil around my finger.

I feel the heat. The smell… I’m not really sure but I feel as if something bittersweet passed through my nostrils.

The lips of Mayu, “Hahh, hahh,” who was spilling ardent breath, were wet and glossy with saliva.

Her eyes fluttered. Mayu was feeling a sensation of something I didn’t know about. I could clearly tell just by looking at that face.

“…How was it?”

“…Wh-who knows…”

And yet Mayu was trying to play dumb this late in the game.

“Then, how about this?”

I increased the number of fingers I had inserted from one to three, and quickened the insertion and removal of my fingers. Because of the increased mass, I could feel the narrow, secret chamber of the flesh more. The juice overflowing from deep inside stuck to my fingers stickily.

“Noo…! Hahh, ahh, ah, aahh, fuahh, …Nnauwh”

To Mayu who was spilling out sexy voice incessantly, “Good? Bad?” I asked once more.

“Th-that’s…… !! Nnn”

Her eyes wet with tears glared at me, seeming to say, “You already know without asking.”

“Oh well”

I stirred Mayu’s wet flesh ceaselessly.

“Hyahh! …Nt. …Nn-no! No, ahh, ah”

As I moved my hand back and forth, the sound of water gushing became clearer and clearer the more I moved it. That lewd sound, which was resounding regardless of the situation here, was getting my head hot. It aroused me.

Even as I was loving her drenched secret flower, I used my other free hand to roll up the shirt Mayu was wearing.

And her white, small breasts spilled out.

She was lying on her back, but the pink nipples were standing on end. I knew of its softness since I had thoroughly felt it up earlier. Also the feeling of her fresh and youthful skin is if it were sticking to my palm.

Once again, with my thumb, I squashed the bulge on her chest, slowly but intensely.

“Ah, ahh, nnn! Katsuki-, sa… -san, wha, ….Are!”

Mayu squealed, her white waist jerking up and down. The shaking of her secret place coiling my fingers and her heat were much stronger than before.

I don’t even know if this is the right way to do it.

…But, I wanna see more of Mayu being messed around by my hands.

I squeezed her small breasts like kneading it, teased the mucous membrane of her secret flower with my fingers, and moved my hands as I felt like it.

Anything being troublesome, I’d already forgotten it.

“Ah, ahh ahh, guahh. …Yaanuuwwh! Already, no, more…! NNnnn!”

Mayu’s hips sprang up hard, and her secret flower enveloped my fingers tightly. In the next moment, Mayu slumped down like a marionette whose strings had been cut.

She cummed, huh.

“Did it feel good?”


“Hahh,” Mayu spilled a hot breath as she glared at me with tears in her eyes. Her cheeks were flushed, and her lips were wet with saliva.

Not scary at all in the slightest. …If anything, tap, there was something making a sound on my lower half.

“…Umm…,” Mayu muttered, with eyes mixed with anxiety and expectation.


Something like this can’t be called connecting bodies.

I haven’t been chosen or anything yet.

I pulled off Mayu’s pants, which were totally the wrong size for her, and took her panties off her legs while at it, which were the same color as her bra that I had seen on the first day.

“..Plea-please wait a…”

“I won’t wait”

I folded her knees up and pushed them towards her chest.

“Uh… Umm… Really…”

Her face was red as she pleaded something in mumbling.

She must be embarrassed.

But I pretended not to notice it. Because it was troublesome.


In the end, no more words escaped Mayu’s mouth.

Mayu, her shirt pulled up to her collarbone and her knees were folded to expose her wet lower half. Slrch, I heard a soft sound of water.

With her face red, Mayu looked at me as she tightly bit her lips.

If I saw something like that, I might actually end up forgetting about many things.

I draped myself over Mayu, who was still lying on the sofa. Creaaak, the sofa bed screamed strongly under the weight of two people.

White throat gulping down.

Forehead with bangs sticking to it because of the sweat.

While brushing away that bangs with my fingers, “Do you really think that if you connect bodies, you can become a family?” I asked.

“…The world wouldn’t be so difficult if it were that easy”

“Yeah, right”

I wasn’t going to let her talk any more, and to keep her from talking, I put my lips on Mayu’s.

Before Mayu’s closed her eyes, “Then, what is this for?” I felt as if Mayu’s eyes asked that.

…This is just licking each other’s wounds.

There is surely nothing left to do next.

After a week passes, after four days from today, my former life of living alone will return.

At least for me.

I pressed myself against Mayu’s sensitive spot and slowly pushed forward.

“Urg, uwh…!”

Tight. Something that was obvious considering Mayu’s petite body.

I want to continue to force myself forward, and without thinking about Mayu, just solely move my hips and release my lust. That was what my instinct was telling me.

“Katsuku, -sa…”

Mayu called out my name while enduring something.

Also biting my lips and enduring it, I moved my hips forward and felt the soft mucous membrane against my tip.

“Try, endure it”

Gaining momentum, I rammed it all at once.

And I could feel something tearing.

At that moment.

“Eh, eeehhh, fueehh? ….Iiiiittt! IT HUUUUURRRTS!! Hurts, it hurts it hurts it hurts! I can’t do this anymore! No, no more, you dummy, it hurts! Dummy dummy dummy! You’re cruel, Katsuki-san. I told you to be… More …… Gentleee……”

Mayu screamed and rambled about without any sexiness in it. Right after she screamed, she dropped her head as though she had used up all of her stamina.

“Don’t get that wild right after losing your virginity”

“…How cruel, I even thought I could be treated more sweetly and kindly at times like this…”

“Well, it’s just the earlier you do it, the less painful it is… That’s what it said”

In the porno book I lost six months ago. The lesson, in other words seeing is believing?

“…Please return many of my romances baaack~…”

Mayu cried, sobbing. It wasn’t so much that she had lost her virginity as that it wasn’t what she had imagined.

“Maybe you’re more than half to blame”

And speaking of romance, I was robbed of mine just earlier.

“I’m gonna move, so relax”

“Muu, can’t, do it… Nn… Oww…”

Mayu furrowed her brows and protested, her lips quivering. When I saw the way she looked like a wounded small animal, as expected, even me didn’t think that I would want to make it worse.

I had no choice but to move my hips in small movements. Small, small, little by little, so as to not hurt the sensitive spot any more. Embracing her with something more like pity than kindness.

“Nn… Fuahh… Nn, n… Ah, ahh… Nkuwh, auhh”

Mayu’s face, which looked truly in pain, flushed, and her voice began changing into a sweet, sensual one.

The clamping of the flesh relaxed, and nectar overflowed from deep within.

I pulled my raging thing out all the way to the entrance and slammed it all the way in.

“Ahh, fuahh, ahh, nnngg! Aaahhh”

Mayu squealed, her white throat arching up.

Without regard, I repeated the action.

Schlop schlop, the sound of water leaking from the joint parts echoed in the room steaming in the summer heat.


Damn it, the AC really not working.

“Aaahh, ahh, Katsuki, -sa. …Nnnn, ahh, ahh”

Although it was overflowing with enough lubricant to move, Mayu’s inside really was small and tight. The just-wounded mucous membrane was tightening so hard on me. I don’t want to make it worse. But I also want to feel good. I want to immerse myself in the instinctive action of rubbing mucous membrane against mucous membrane.

In order to ravish the body of the small Mayu, I hugged the back of her knees and shoved in harder.

“Ah, nooo, nnn! No, ahh, aahhh. …Fuhh, ah…”

Every time I moved my hips, I would hear Mayu’s captivating voice.

“Katsuki, – sa…”

My name was called in gaps.

Her eyes, wet and unfocused with tears, were looking up at me.

The sweat rising on her forehead. I had no idea whether it was from the temperature or from the heat simmering from her body.

“Fuahh, ahh, aaahh, No, more… Cumminng, I’m cumming…! Ah, ah, aahh, nnn, aaaahh… ah…!”

Her white throat arching up sharply and her sweat covered stomach jerking up. Mayu showed it with her whole body that she had reached her limit.

I pulled out, feeling as if the contraction of the flesh was squeezing everything out of me. Slrrch, it came out and squirted out cloudy white liquid all over Mayu’s stomach.


Perhaps unconsciously, Mayu trailed her fingers through some of the white liquid as though feeling regrettable.

A black-haired girl was lying on my sofa bed. Her gaze fuzzy, her cheeks flushed, her wet skin hot, and her breath ragged.

I turned my back, feeling guilty this late in the game for having defiled her.

“…Katsuki-san… Umm…”

A frail voice called out to my back.


“…Side dishes, please wrap and put them into the fridge…”

“It’ll get spoiled,” Mayu said, and plopped down her head. “Zzz,” she even started to let out a really pleasant sleeping breath.

“…How unsexy”

Well, but, guess it’s fine.

Following her last request, I wrapped up the half-eaten lunch and put it in the fridge. I covered Mayu’s body with a blanket as she continued to sleep, almost completely naked with the shirt pulled up around her neck.

“Rest in peace”

She might throw me down if she had heard it, but she was really asleep so that didn’t happen either.

In the meantime, I opened the window to expel the somewhat humid air and heat, and pulled out a cigarette.

“…Now then”

In the end, I got deeply involved.

I can’t laugh at my bald father who chased me away when I first encountered him.

“…I wouldn’t have a hard time if I could become a family with a complete stranger just by connecting bodies,” I grumbled, even though I knew that she wasn’t listening.

Even real family members who are connected by blood are moving away from each other, and there is no way that a complete stranger could become a family who also would take care of all of the troublesome things.

If it’s possible — that’s just licking each other’s wounds.

As evening passed and the sky began to turn indigo blue, Mayu raised her body sluggishly.

“My body’s all sticky… Can I take a shower…?”


Picking up the pants that I had tossed on the floor, Mayu walked slowly towards the bathroom, sometimes dragging her body. Her white legs stretched from the shirt, which was too big for Mayu, and I could see the backs of her knees that I had been hugging so much earlier. I hurriedly averted my eyes.

While she was taking a bath, I took out the chicken cutlets from the fridge and heated them up in the microwave. I also heated up the miso soup that had been left on the pot.

Seeing the side dishes lined up on the low dining table after coming back from the bathroom, “Uwaahh…” Mayu leaked out a small voice. It was a voice that was the exact opposite of any emotion like delight or admiration. Like, “Uwaahh, I just saw something very unusual, it’s creepy,” or so she seemed to want to say.

“I just saw something very unusual, it’s creepy”

“Don’t actually say it, you little! …Nah, let’s eat”

And then we began to eat our lunch-turn-dinner.

“…Oh yeah, how’s your panties?”

“Don’t worry, I’m wearing the new one. I will wash it tomorrow morning, so if you want to sniff the smell, you can go ahead and pick it up in the washing machine”

“No, I’m not gonna sniff it”

Rather, what a thing it is we’re talking about while eating.

There must be a more appropriate topic for dinner time, really.

“…Ah, that’s right. I don’t have a part-time job tomorrow and the day after”

“Is that so? Then we can be together all the time”

Mayu smiled sweetly.

This girl, after a week or four days from today, she said she’d leave, but.

…I wonder where she’s planning to go.

Asking seemed very troublesome.

So I didn’t.

TL notes:

^1. The term is used to describe the way in which a woman of a man and a woman in a relationship wears a man’s shirt. The word is often used to describe the way a woman wears a large shirt with a little extra length and width, which is considered adorable. In addition, there are various other words, such as “boyfriend shirt(kare shatsu)” if it is sweater that is worn.
Should be looking like this

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