Tale Of Vampire Princess Astrid: The Beginning – Twilight On The Hill Road And Vampire Onee-san


The time was evening — twilight hour.1

The boundary between day and night, where a somewhat languid scarlet light filled the world.

A very young boy met with a beautiful vampire.


Hikawa Kouchi blinked his eyes and stopped in his tracks.

Returning from school, he was walking alone on a familiar hill road.

The red light of twilight covered the city… Yet, only the hill road Kouichi was walking was dim, as if it were cut off from everything else. To the left and right, tall trees grew thickly, and even on the road, branches and leaves spread densely as if to cover it — and the evening sun, it was literally sunlight filtered through trees, and only thinly filtered lights shining through.

The word “dense” would surely be used to describe this kind of situation.

There were even many residents in the area who would avoid this hill road and make a detour, saying “It’s creepy,” because it felt as if they were walking inside a cave. In fact — there was no other passerby besides Kouichi even now. And the fact that it often lacked pedestrian traffic made this road look all the more eerie.

The reason Kouichi chose this road as his school route was because he was used to being taken along this road by his late grandmother, and the pathway to the shrine was a shortcut that connected the school and his house in an almost straight line. It was also convenient because the bully kids would be too creeped out and wouldn’t chase after him.

In any case–

“……Feet?” blinking his eyes, Kouichi muttered.

It was said that this road used to be a road to visit a shrine.

However, there was no trace of the Buddhist temples and shrines that once should have been ahead of the road. There was only one stone-built, small wayside shrine2 left at the top of a short, gentle hill road. Since how long was the shrine there? What was enshrined there? Kouichi didn’t know the detailed origin of it, but his grandmother used to visit the shrine and pray there almost everyday.

There — in the shadow of the shrine.

He could see two legs from there.

White and slender legs… Moreover without socks or shoes.

Perhaps someone was sitting on the side of the road with their legs stretched out — or maybe they had collapsed. Kouichi could immediately tell this was no ordinary passerby taking a short break after getting a bit tired.

Because when looked closely, there were several streaks of awfully fresh red blood running down those bizarrely white feet.

Probably the owner of those feet was injured.

After a moment of hesitation — Kouichi rushed up to the shrine.


Of course, he felt scared.

However, Koichi remembered what his very dear grandmother had often told him, “If you see someone in trouble, go call out to them and help them.”

That had already settled in as his personal code of conduct for the ten-year-old him… For this reason, he couldn’t “pretend not to see” when he encountered someone in trouble. As a result, he even intervened in a bullying scene and ended up being bullied himself, however.

“Are you, okay?” he called out as he went around the shrine — and there, Kouichi had his breath taken away.

The first thing that caught his eyes was the magnificent blonde hair.

The long, crease free golden-colored hair was flowing down from the head facing slightly downward like a waterfall.

Hair that retained its vibrancy even in this dim environment, as though it was glowing on its own. There was something mystical — an ethereal-like charm that lacked the worldly stench of flesh and blood, so much so that it seemed it would disappear if carelessly touched.


After being lost for words for a moment… Such a word leaked out of Kouichi’s mouth.

The face that could be seen peeking through the hair was that of a graceful woman.

Her looks… Were such that even Kouichi, an elementary student, was stupefied in amazement at the sight of her.

Well-shaped nose bridge, slender chin, thin lips, and charming soft white cheeks. Even with her eyes closed, there was no doubting the gracefulness of her facial features. There was no deformation, no imbalance. That face had the balance like a finely crafted handicraft — as if it was inhuman.

Clearly not Japanese in looks — due to her having the look of a westerner, guessing correctly how old she was from her appearance — especially for the very young Kouichi — was difficult. Considering the somewhat immature roundness on her, he could only guess that she was probably still in her teens.

But from the point of view of the ten-year-old Kouichi, the girl was already enough of a grown-up.


Sighing in his chest, Kouichi instantly recalled the fairy tale of “Sleeping Beauty.”

When he read that story, he couldn’t understand the feeling of the prince who went to kiss the sleeping woman he had just met. There’s no way you can fall in love with someone whose name you don’t even know, and the personality you also don’t know, he thought.

But if it was now, he could understand it.

The finer logics were irrelevant. There was no point. The phenomenon of skipping all of the essential steps, and falling in love with someone spasmodically —  the so-called “love at first sight,” in this moment, Kouichi learned firsthand that it did indeed exist in this world.

“He… Hello…?”

No reaction from her.

Her body, which was adorned in what looked like a black mantle, was sitting there limp and weakly, with all four limbs thrown out like a broken doll. The reason she hadn’t fallen over was probably because she was leaning against the shrine.

Is she maybe dead? Despite being afraid like such, “Are you, okay?” Kouchi called out to her once again.

This time he brought his face closer so she could hear his voice well.

And there was — a reaction.


Like waking up from a dream, the girl leaked out a somewhat lax voice — she stirred slightly.

Slowly, the eyelids opened.


Those round and cute eyes were… Deep amber.

The eyes had the quality of translucence, like the eyes of a doll made of a gem. And yet, the color of her eyes possessed a far-reaching depth, as if you could peek at the color of darkness that was lying deep within when you peered into them.

It was the final nail in the coffin.


Kouichi, who had already fallen in love with this beautiful girl at first sight, peered into those eyes — having those eyes peered into him, he could no longer turn back. The choice to leave this place and forget everything had ever happened had completely vanished from within him at this point.

“Oh gosh. Just when I thought it smelled good”

Although her tone of voice was still drowsy and lax, her voice itself was mellow and gentle, as if it were a ceramic bell ringing. It fits this onee-san well, Kouichi thought.

“To think a sacrifice would come on its own, right?”


Kouichi, a fifth grader, did not know what that word meant.

Though, supposing he knew, he probably was no longer able to walk away from this beautiful girl.

“Moreover such an adorable boy like this. Really… One never knows, right? Does this mean my dumb luck hasn’t run out yet, I wonder? Like, I was well-behaved? No way, right?”

Her tone of voice was somewhat lax and light — but there was a hint of fatigue in her voice.

“U-umm, you are, hurt, right?” Kouchi asked as he took out band-aids from his pocket.

Kouichi, who was frequently bullied at school, was constantly getting small fresh wounds. So he was always carrying some band-aids and several kinds of it in his pocket.

Haah… Really, how pathetic,” the girl sighed, shaking her blond hair.

“And just what to do, a bloodsucker spilling blood uselessly. What a waste, isn’t it? No matter how much the opponent is a ‘Demon Hunter’… To think it’d end up like this”

“I have band-aids… Here?”

“Bandaids? Ah, I don’t need it, thanks. That aside—-”

She quietly raised one hand and put the palm on Kouichi’s cheek.

The moment those slender, white fingers touched him, Kouchi’s heart leaped so hard that he himself could even clearly feel it. It kept leaping.

Thump. Thump. Thump. The organ of life, circulating blood throughout the whole body and making sounds. Would the sound be transmitted to the girl through her fingertips? Wouldn’t she laugh at me? That was the only thing Kouichi cared about.


“Since some time ago you see, you’ve been smelling soooo good. And, that drop of life, I wonder if you would share that with me?”

“Drop of, life?”

“Look, it’s there,” the girl said, crawling her fingers on Kouchi’s cheek and touching his lip with her fingernail.

Speaking of which — when I was going home, a bully kid hit me with a bag and it cut the edge of my lip, Kouichi recalled. I couldn’t put a band-aid on it because of its location, and the bleeding would soon stop if I licked it, he thought.

“U-umm, err, onee-san?”

The girl’s white face came closer to him, slightly leaning — Kouchi was flustered.

The warm breath of her, the nice smell of her, they slowly drifted over him.

Even as an elementary school student, he could pretty much imagine what she was going to do.

“That drop of your life, will you — give it to me?”

Her voice was telling him so with a strange echo, as if it were coming from far away, even though it was supposed to be whispered in his ear. It penetrated until the deepest corners of his heart, and it was just too much to resist. Though, the current Kouichi didn’t have any intention to resist in the first place.

Something moist and soft brushed Kouchi’s lips.

He was licked. By the girl’s tongue.

The moment he realized it, the girl’s tongue came back and slowly began to lick the lips of the stiff Kouichi. Carefully, as if she was checking the shape with the tip of her tongue.

“Wah, sooo sweet,” the girl commented with a smile.

Between her lips, which were opened slightly as they were stretched to the left and right —  he could see an oddly pointy set of protruding teeth.

“You’re amazing, you know? Like this, after just a lick on the oozing wound. Wonderful”

Like the fangs of a beast. Like a deadly weapon to be driven into the neck of a pitiful prey to finish it off.

“How will it taste if I suck it directly, I wonder?”


“I think I should. You. Please — let me suck?”


Wobbly nodding his head repeatedly, Kouchi was — already unable to understand what was going on.

He was dizzy with excitement. Without even properly understanding the meaning of the beautiful woman’s words, he nodded his head in ecstasy, understanding only that she was requesting him. No. Even if he knew the meaning of the words, even if he knew the identity of the beautiful woman, Kouichi would surely have nodded.

The legend had it — in the face of that well-known “monster,” many of its “victims” willingly offered themselves up instead. Being entranced and attacked itself by that well-known “monster” would result in a sweet pleasure that could not be compared to any other.


“──Stop right there”

In the dim light of twilight, a hard voice echoed chillingly from somewhere.

That was like a pair of steel scissors that cut off time.


The moment he heard the voice, which was clearly different from the voice of the beautiful woman in front of him — Kouichi’s consciousness was swallowed by darkness in an instant, as though something had severed the connection with a crash.

TL notes:

^1. The kanji used here for “twilight hour” is 逢魔が刻 (oumagatoki). Unlike the chapter title with its 黄昏 (tasogare) which means dusk/twilight, 逢魔が刻 (oumagatoki) has a specific meaning for the ways of writing it, which is “the time of meeting Yōkai, Yūrei, and other-such dark creatures”, but it’s also a Japanese term referring to the moment at 黄昏 (tasogare) which means dusk/twilight/sunset.

^2. The shrine should look like this

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