Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me: Special Story – Days When There Was An Angel In The Classroom

TL note: this SS should be read after reading the volume 1 and 2, story wise. Bitter… And fleeting memories of the protagonist, Ryuuto. In “‘Dating Story’ Episode 0,” we will look back at the memories from his middle school days. The intense summer vacation that I spent with my beloved, first girlfriend — Runa […]

V2: Afterword

Hello, it’s Nagaoka Makiko. Thank you very much for picking up the second volume also! It’s summer! It’s the sea! I know it’s a little early in the year for the publication of this book, but I hope you can get a taste of summer a little (?) ahead of time. I wrote the second […]

V2: Epilogue

“Aaaaah~~ the homework’s not ending!!” Last week of August, in the still harsh lingering summer heat. Sitting at the folding table opposite of me in my room with the AC on, Runa yelled. English homework was placed on the table, leaving behind a mountain of white paper. Since our relationship has completely turned into a […]

V2: Chapter 5.5 – Runa and Nikoru’s Long Phone Call

“Ah, Nikoru, hi hi!” “Hi too Runa! Tomorrow you’re returning here, right? And sorry I couldn’t go there at all” “It’s okay, it’s already enough that you came here once! Besides, Ryuuto is here” “That’s right, that guy. How’s it after that? Did he reform himself?” “Ahaha, what’d you mean reform” “Well, If he ever […]

V2: Chapter 5

The next morning. “Ryuuto, it’s morning~!” I could hear Shirakawa-san’s voice from afar. The sound of the door being opened, and light footsteps entering the room. The sound of the curtain being opened. A dream, huh. Today’s dream really is a quite good dream. A dream like this… where me and Shirakawa-san could live under […]

V2: Chapter 4.5 – Kurose Maria’s Hidden Diary

You’ve got rejected, huh, Maria. I’ve gotten confessions from various guys since elementary school. If I wanted to, I could’ve had any number of boyfriends. Since Runa is an idiot, she’d easily get taken in, start dating, then break up when it doesn’t work out. And magnificently labeled as a “bitch”. But, I don’t make […]

V2: Chapter 4

Since morning, the final day of the first school semester had a somewhat odd atmosphere. “Ah, look…” “Heeh, he looks so plain like that, but not bad, huh…” When I arrived at school, classmates I’ve never even talked to before were looking my way and whispering. Is this about Shirakawa-san? But, it’s been quite a […]

V2: Chapter 3

The morning came, and the typhoon has disappeared. I wasn’t able to sleep that much last night because the fact that Shirakawa-san was next to me and our connected hands were on my mind. We ate a truly Japanese style breakfast prepared for us by the inn’s staff in our room, wore the clothes we […]