V2: Chapter 2

The next day, too, it’s a splendid clear summer weather from morning. “Morning! I’m so excited to go!” When we met up at the station’s platform, Shirakawa-san’s attire was already running full throttle midsummer beach mode. The strange top she’s wearing with completely open shoulders that had only the upper arms come with fluttering sleeves, […]

V2: Chapter 1

Beginning of July, it’s the first summer since I started dating Shirakawa-san. There’s still no announcement for the end of the rainy season, however the temperature under this fine weather went above 35℃, so the air has completely become midsummer’s. Nevertheless, the expression of Shirakawa-san walking next to me on the way to the station, […]

V2: Prologue

To this day, I still dreamed about the time when we still weren’t dating. Within the dream, I was admiring Shirakawa-san being surrounded by many of her friends from a distance. And I secretly felt a flutter in my heart as I thought how cute she was today, too. ….That’s right, isn’t it. This is […]


Hello, it’s me Nagaoka Makiko. I want to express my gratitude for picking up this book. Now then, this time it’s a romantic comedy with a slightly thrilling title. I’m originally a virgin/maiden freak, but I’ve never thought I’d write a light novel aimed towards lots of men with a heroine with these attributes…. If […]


On the way home from our date. After leaving the zoo, we took a short break at the downtown area. It was after that, when we were heading for Ueno Station. “Ryuuto, you don’t have any band-aid, do you?” I was asked by Shirakawa-san, and with a “Eh?”, I looked at her. “What’s wrong?” Shirakawa-san […]

Chapter 5.5 – Kurose Maria’s Hidden Diary

It’s frustrating…. I lost to Runa. And I can’t believe she’s dating Kashima Ryuuto. What is she doing? Is she aiming after something? Or maybe, he’s actually a good guy despite his appearance? ….Certainly, when he listened to my story I thought he looked a bit cool, maybe. Talking about my family like that to […]

Chapter 5

Just up until a little while ago, I thought it’d become a big trouble if everyone were to know I was dating Shirakawa-san. Like being scrutinized with curious eyes, pointed with fingers and laughed at…. I even imagined I’d be cussed at whenever I passed by someone. That was why I was thrown off when […]

Chapter 4

It’s been a while since I successfully wrapped up the birthday date with Shirakawa-san. I was happy that Shirakawa-san was pleased with it, and I was living a smooth school life. That was when it happened. I began to feel a slight change in the atmosphere surrounding Shirakawa-san. I was a Shirakawa-san watcher before we […]