Chapter 3

Shirakawa-san was popular among the classmates, both males and females. Of course, that meant she also talked to guys a lot. It’s an otherworldly scene I didn’t particularly care about before but now that I’ve become her boyfriend, seeing her doing that in break times made my heart tingle in no small way. Not to […]

Chapter 2.5 – Runa and Nikoru’s Long Phone Call

“Oh, heyo~ Nikoru” “So, how’d your date today go?” “Hmm~ earlier I told you on the phone, aren’t I. We went shopping, had a tea and went home” “Eh, you really went home after only all that?” “Yep” “Seriously nothing else today?” “Yep” “Not even a finger touch?” “Yep” Heeeh~…” “….What? What’s wrong?” “I thought […]

Chapter 2

It’s like I was dreaming and it’s been continuing since yesterday. However, no matter how many times I pinched my cheeks, I didn’t wake up and I had a proper dream that night. A dream of watching Shirakawa-san from afar…. I properly woke up from that dream, so I was sure this must’ve been reality. […]

Chapter 1.5 – Runa and Nikoru’s Long Phone Call

“Hey Nikoru, listen~! I got a boyfriend” “Huh!? What the heck! Since when!?” “Since after school today~” “Eh, who!? Haruma? Kaisei?” “Nope! I think you’ll never guess it” “No way, seriously who!? We haven’t talked about this at all!” “I mean, it’s cuz I got confessed all of sudden today. It’s Kashima Ryuuto from the […]

Chapter 1

When I moved up to the second year of high school, my first thought was, “I’m lucky to be in the same class as Shirakawa-san”. Shirakawa-san was super pretty. Her beauty was far from being inferior to that of teenage stars on TV, but in my opinion, she’s even better looking. Strikingly large eyes and […]


Shirakawa Runa, the school year’s number one most beautiful girl. Shirakawa-san’s existence has been well known since her freshman year, and even a gloomy type like me has heard rumors of her being “the school year’s number one most beautiful girl”, and I was aware of it from an early stage. “School year’s number one” […]