Roshidere V1 Colored Illustrations

ToC Prologue TL notes: I just realized seeing the colored illustrations first thing after opening a light novel is also part of the experience. So I might remove any colored illustration on chapters of novels I’ve translated and put it on a separate post. Though, I’m still undecided whether to remove them from chapters or […]


Nice to meet you everyone, I’m the author SUNSUNSUN. Thank you very much for purchasing this work. If you didn’t buy it and borrowed it from a friend, please buy a copy for yourself. If you’re standing there reading in a bookstore, take it to the cashier. Yes, you there, who thought ‘You’ve written quite […]

Epilogue – This Hand

“Haaah~, I’m not happy that it looked like I’ve been completely one-upped but…. I wonder if this is what they called paying the piper” Masachika, who had been seen off by Touya with, “Because it’s already this late, please come back tomorrow with the formality papers”, was walking towards the main gate under the darkness […]

Chapter 8 – Yeah, I Got It

“Haaah…. That girl, isn’t she getting less and less reserved….?” After school, muttered Masachika seeing the message he received from Yuki. She had to go out shopping for supplies for student council’s work but a sudden errand came up, so she wanted him to go in her place instead. 『Nii-ni, pleeeeeease♡』 “….” He felt rather […]

Chapter 7 – It Was… a Sad Incident

QUICK HEADS UP THERE WAS LINES MISSED AND A MISTRANSLATION ON CH1. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS “….Are you okay, Alya?” “….” At a public park near the ramen shop, Masachika timidly called out to Alisa who was sitting on a bench listlessly. But there was no response. It seemed like she had used up all […]

Chapter 5 – Stop! Don’t Don’t Fight Over Me!

“Hnng~ it’s over~. I’m going back~ Hikaru” “Okay” After homeroom, Masachika looked up at his two close friends as he gathered his things in the classroom with a peculiar relaxing after-school atmosphere. “Huh? Takeshi, are you in the light music club today? How about the baseball club?” “It’s a day-off today. Around this period our […]

Chapter 3 – It’s him officer

The next day, Masachika came to school almost an hour earlier than usual. There’s no particularly deep reason. It’s simple, he woke up an hour earlier than usual. In addition, Masachika woke up feeling unusually refreshed. He had a feeling that if he went back to sleep just like that, it would’ve been hard to […]