The Best Noble In Another World: The Bigger My Harem Gets, The Stronger I Become


Yuuto is suddenly reincarnated into the other world in a smartphone game and becomes the third son of a noble family.

“Skills” exist in that world, and Yuuto was reincarnated with “Noblesse oblige.”

When Yuuto, who has become an adult, makes love to a woman as a ceremony, “Noblesse oblige” is activated.

That is a rare skill, the skill that lets him copy the skills of the woman he makes love to!

Yuuto makes love to women possessing skills one after another, becoming the strongest with the skills he acquires, and building a harem of women who fall in love with him.

Furthermore, it was discovered that “Noblesse oblige” can awaken skills and evolve skills, and the cheating keeps on coming!

All the women and skills I want are mine! The strongest cheat harem begins here!

Author: 三木なずな (Miki Nazuna) | Illustrator: へいろー (Heiro)

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Volume 1