The Neighboring Alya-san who Sometimes Acts Sweet and Murmuring in Russian


“И наменятоже обрати внимание”

“Eh, what?”

“Nothing much though? I just said ‘This guy is such an idiot’”

“Can you stop hurling abuse in Russian!?”

The unrivaled silvered-haired beauty sitting next to me, Alya-san, had a triumphant smile. …..But, the truth is different. Earlier, in Russian she said “give me your attention, too”!

Actually, I, Kuze Masachika, have Russian listening skills at native level.

I couldn’t stop smirking at the not-knowing Alya-san who, today too, was coming all sweet in sugary Russian language!?

An adolescent love comedy with a super high-spec Russian JK, the object of admiration of all students!

Japanese Title: 時々ボソッとロシア語でデレる隣のアーリャさん
Author : 燦々SUN (sunsunsun)
Illustrator : ももこ (momoco)

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Volume 1