V2: Chapter 2

The next day, too, it’s a splendid clear summer weather from morning. “Morning! I’m so excited to go!” When we met up at the station’s platform, Shirakawa-san’s attire was already running full throttle midsummer beach mode. The strange top she’s wearing with completely open shoulders that had only the upper arms come with fluttering sleeves, […]

V2: Chapter 1

Beginning of July, it’s the first summer since I started dating Shirakawa-san. There’s still no announcement for the end of the rainy season, however the temperature under this fine weather went above 35℃, so the air has completely become midsummer’s. Nevertheless, the expression of Shirakawa-san walking next to me on the way to the station, […]

V2: Prologue

To this day, I still dreamed about the time when we still weren’t dating. Within the dream, I was admiring Shirakawa-san being surrounded by many of her friends from a distance. And I secretly felt a flutter in my heart as I thought how cute she was today, too. ….That’s right, isn’t it. This is […]