Prologue – Part 3

TL: sleepy Pop The purpose of utilizing Farfalle, a lover agency service firm, is as straightforward as the name implies. The company does not provide help with moving, nor does it assist in arranging parties. Instead, it’s a business that caters to those who wish to date and socialize with persons of the opposite gender. […]

Prologue – Part 2

TL: sleepy Pop Middle East National University, 2nd-year Faculty of Economics Ryoma Shiba was scouring employment applications on his smartphone during lunch break. “It’s hard to find an excellent place to work at after all”…….(Ryoma) “Hmm? Ryoma works at a bookstore, right? Are you planning to start a new part-time job again?”(Yukiya) “I just found […]

Prologue – Part 1

TL: sleepy Pop “I want a boyfriend! I want a boyfriend!” (Ami) The sobbing sound comes from my best friend Ami, who is sitting next to me. Her preaching sounds exceedingly filled with emotion, but honestly, I’ve heard this line so many times that it has become annoying. “I want to experience youth! Where should […]